God Of War PS4 still Has a Secret but we are not aware of those hidden things

God Of War PS,OK you are such a pretty good with this game but actually you are lacking some knowledge which the game directory has speak out about it.G of War is likely to be one of my favorite game when it comes to PlayStation 4 but to my greatest surprise, Cory Barlog revealed to Game Bolt what seem to be shocking.

There's this special thing,probably that hidden thing which don't know as a gamer of PS4. Cory B. took it claiming knows what he has found because he haven't see any story behind that.According to G B,stating some emphasis from  Cory B,"I still think there is one thing that no one has found yet that I know for certain, because I haven't seen any stories about it," game director Cory Barlog told Gaming Bolt. "Now I'm not going to tell you what that is, but I don't know if there's any cinematics per se, it seems like people have been able to get all the permutations. Not one person, but everyone collectively." Cory Barlog said.

God of war ps4 secret

He also added saying,"I always think that people usually figure things out within hours, and the fact that we went a week without people figuring things out was impressive," he said. What do you think ?.See more games releasing date.

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