Galaxy S9 with 128GB and Dual Sim is now $640 in price

Galaxy S9 PHONE
Samsung Galaxy S9 is now available with $640 in town with its storage.The phone come with dual sim also.We are not only waiting to seem most of the features but since the device has been on leaked,i think we are already making use of the Galaxy S 9.Now if you are in USA you get this phone with the price $640 just like we also show the unlocked LG G7 with $750 although it looks more expensive more that the Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9

As eBay making the promo of this phone,we don't really think the above price is the fix price because this is a promo.However,the photo show up online with some details.The device is an international brand which comes with Exynos SoC instead of the Snapdragon chipset that you find in US Galaxy S9 units.As we still hope for Galaxy Note 9,may be should look up to G S9 as for now.

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