Galaxy Note 9 case Shows Camera space and Fingerprint

Samsung Galaxy is not the only phone that has been leaked online as we are still waiting the anticipating to goes off.The Galaxy Note 9 was once talked about its leaked here on logs leaving the news with some features of the Smart but now shows the Camera and fingerprint parts. Although follow some post that surfaced on twitter where the Note 9 G was shown with its screen protected.The same spy who previously shared more about the S G N 9 on his social account also shared the new look position of the Camera space and the fingerprint.see blow.

As you can see the Note 9 is having the fingerprint at the back of the phone it is basically horizontally mounted. The budget phablet is will likely be a blend following its predecessor Note 8 horizontal camera module.One the good about the position of the Camera and fingerprint is that the position are good as the finger reader is moved a nit down.The Note 9 is has that big difference with Note 8 but the design still remain as it is.

note 9 case

Galaxy Note 9 is anticipating from Samsung that's not the only device that appears online as it was leaked lately.Forbes few days made a report about Galaxy S10 with some details about.What exactly do we want on Galaxy Note 10,i think that should be much more unlike the previous Galaxys.As for other info on the Galaxy Note9, we currently believe it to measure 161.9 x 76.3 x 8.8 mm, or roughly the same as its predecessor, yet somehow pack a bigger 3,850 mAh battery

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