Galaxy Note 9 Battery and Wireless features

He keep making the social media look more interesting and again ice Universe made a turn with another post showing more of the Note 9 which i previously published about it cam and fingerprint.While things still on wait ice has took to twitter to show more deep of Galaxy Note 9,about its battery and also the wireless charging.Now in a new post about Galaxy Note on twitter,it show the the battery length and also the cam with fingerprint as you can see that below and this make the smart Note 9 to have it shape horizontally.

Galaxy Note 9 x pen

Here's what the Galaxy Note 9 will look like according to us.

The above photos show the Note 8 and and the Note 9 with different shape.As you can see the Note 8 Cam and fingerprint are much closer which make users to complain about meanwhile Samsung has made its correction with the fall note 9 by given a gap.The fingerprint in Note 9 is positioned separately just after the vertical Camera lens and the flash light.Also it finally come to my notice that the Note 9 is having a bigger battery and is a reaffirm and phablet like the Note 8.

Galaxy Note 9 Big Battery and Wireless
Of course, tons of other hardware needs to be taken into account when designing the Galaxy Note9, but since the battery is the thickest and biggest component, the camera sensors simply can't fit over it. The initial rumors suggest a 4,000 mAh capacity - this should be a big one for sure see below.

The Note 9 battery was to come with a fast wireless charge which will give users a very range of power and it will only take  about an hour to full.The above diagram show more details about the Note 9,having about 12.0 V . 2.1 A as for the input,showing the Number model of the Note 9 which is EP - N6100,the FCC ID and also the IC.


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