Fortnite passes $100 million mark within 90 days on iOS platform

Fortnite was once mentioned here linkslogs following the fake announcement and the false news about it arrival for android platform.We all should know that Fortnite is currently not available for Android users but folks has previewed it live for the APK users to get the game online.Well,that's how the fake news goes but we also received some backslash about the Fotnite game for being a PUBG copycat,upon that,that's still more people out there to give their acclaim to the one of the world largest game.

Fortnite passes $100 million mark within 90 days on iOS platform

PC users are desperately enjoying the game.In fact it also to get the iOS lovers to continue igniting the best among other games and this has rapidly escalate the popularity in the iOS platform and also having the advantage to the game on Apple's Apple store.The screenshot photo below show the best of fortnite from iOS since first 90 DAYS worldwide.
 iOS fortnite rating linkslogs

This is amazing that the game has got another good record after we heard about it rising.Now in just three months that the Fortnite surfaced online or the game hits,it has reached another electrifying milestone on Apple's App Store of $100 million in revenue.Although there's is one game that ranked higher on apple store which is Clash Royale leaving the Fortnite in second in the list.Clash Royale picked $154 million in 90 days and $100 million in 51 days meanwhile it a predecessor to Fortnite.

Fortnite game raking

made us to know that Fortnite was only available to users with invites in the first two months or and if it hadn't been for the invite system, the game would have probably been on top.

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