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One of the mistake you shouldn't make this time is buy an Android device that roughly get you to the bad thought when it comes to Android.Many phones are out there waiting to suck your budget but leaving no solid and a good sleek for you and flashing there skinny body just to attract your attention.Today,few of Android devices has been examine and i think this will be another good chance of you making a good choice in buy Android device in this 2018 so below i start with Android Google Pixel 2 XL.

Google Pixel 2 XL

The Google Pixel and a good built droid smart phone which you will like hate because it isn't a flash phone but smart when it comes to that.This Pixel 2 XL is built strongly with it water resistant and also having sufficient storage for sake.Pixel 2 XL software apps are installed with a purpose and with the intuitive of any users buy you can also install third party apps.
Google Pixel 2 XL smart phone
You should also remember that the device is google phone and the apps is basically coming from google of course it looks nice and also delightfully useful without being bothersome.When it comes to software updates,the Pixel 2 XL as for google has already rush up the phone with three awesome years for the phone updates meanwhile,most of the Android phone might lake update but the Pixel 2 XL from google is guaranteed with a maximum year at least 3.

Why You Need The Google Pixel

If you have bought one for yourself i think telling more about the phone can a good deal.Google Pixel 2 XL is a good phone and also trusted device that comes from google.GP is not only filled with G apps but the user experience and the interface are likely to give a friendly experience specially when using it.Talking about Android Oreo,here you it with the phone and it version 8.0.One of the shocking part of the is electrifying device is it comes with 4GB and 64GB (optionally, 128GB) of storage to make sure your phone has plenty of room to run and also with 3520 mAh battery.I think if you get this device it will be grate for.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

S G S9+ was dropped by the company and drastically making hug name for Samsung and also competing with iOS device.S9+ is one of the best Sung phone in thins era although there's also one of other brand in the market today with a heavy challenge but just leave iPhone for now though am talking about Android.Galaxy S9, steam and strong with high effective features leaping out what seem beyond expectation.Yeah,Samsung Galaxy S9 was built to highlight the new technique from the company such that all that come across will definitely testify the Android OS.
samsung s9 featurs
The wireless charging is there also with that waterproof and SD card slot which makes the phone smart and sharper.However,Galaxy S9 can't me compared with our first phone above because most of the software experience is simply a polarizing overall — just about anyone looking for a high-end phone will love using the Galaxy S9+. Well there there's nothing bad because S9 is capable of doing that thing you ever thought.Also remember that Samsung and iPhone are releasing new products this year but on August.

The Mate 10 Pro

I also published a post much about this device.It is one of the expensive device when it comes to Android and its predecessor Mate 9 are not the same.Mate 10 Pro is a device competing the new era of the above mention and it been recommend with it capability of battery life which 4000mAh .
Mate 10 Pro one of the best android device
If you are dreaming to get a smart phone with a strong and reliable battery,Mate 10 Pro is a very good one you need for anything power.Also know that anything that intend to have advantage also have some back side.The Mate 10 Pro sometime face some problems on third party apps just few.When talking about flagship,the device is mainly having the best it can,and when you are try to get this device make sure you are getting the USA unlocked model so that you will enjoy it because most of them are not unlocked and strict you in using it as for the network.

Huawei Product P20 Pro

Another great Android device you should think of buy this year is Huawei P20 Pro.i have share some info about this device and where you can get it and also the condition it was facing as of then.This device is also expensive but try to get the best Android phone you did like to serve you better.In my previous post i updated how much this smart can cost in some location but since and now i think things might change also.
Huawei Product P20 Pro  the best Android camera device
Well there's not much different between the Mate 10 pro and Mate 20.The battery is highly built and will serve you for your daily and use no matter what you are using it for.Mate 10 battery capacity is about 4,000mAh which can also make a difference with other Android phones.Do you like taking shot,this phone is the best for you and you need to check it out.

The OnePlus 6 Android Phone

If you own OnePlus 5T you are still making use of this OnePlus 6 Android phone because there's no big different between the two.The beautiful differentiation about the two is that the OnePlus 6 do show the company operating at 20%.
A beautiful 6.3-inch OLED display (with a notch) offers tons of real estate, and the addition of a classy-looking glass back and new, larger camera make this, at $529, one of the best smartphone deals around. Add to that fast software updates and one of the cleanest builds of Android yet, and you have a winning combination.

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