Don't Seek for ‘Fortnite’ while is not ready for Android Download

Don't be fooled; about this world largest game ‘Fortnite’. The best fact is this this Game is getting it popularity every day by day and we all know that we are only having this game on iOS which was updated lately.While those on  iOS keep enjoying this before the Android users it seem that Android users going beyond and it has been rumored that the ‘Fortnite’ which we know is now available for android download while the developers on android are still putting their assiduousness on the game.

Currently we have started seeing promotion/advertisement for this game which is not official though this can be a way of deceiving some Android users for the above game name.An advert on YouTube was once seen with claims,pushing the Android users to install the game but for them to do that they have to install a certain app to get it for your Android.

Fortnite not ready for Android Download
Fortnite game is now available for scamming so don't fall a victim as the programmers are currently working on the game.Android Police has also reach it and report that there's a lot of scam amid at F most for Android.But as most of the Top sites report the news about the fake download on Fortnite,people has taken the alert and most of the search engine result has detailed the best way to run Fortnite on Android device which is fake and false.
fake fortnite search result
So we are not only alarming on the online scamming about the game but to keep at the safer side although we are still waiting to see the official game on Android and releasing date is currently on work by Epic games.As we wait for that,we are still look up to Rockstar games on Xbox One and also welcome Madden 19 this August.Keep in touch and be away of scammers.

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