BlackBerry KeyOne Phones Gets Oreo Update

BlackBerry is making the best move without no chance.The company that we all thought that is gone has stand to push more awareness on their brand new KeyOne smartphone.BlackBerry Key2 was previously leaked but later more details it was official reveal where we see more of the specification.

While we heard about that,BlackBerry is back again for it KeyOne phone with a new update which is FROM Oreo.Do you have the BB KeyOne,you are lucky that here's is a new update although it is restricted to some location but if you are staying at Canada and the United States i think you have the chance of the BB Oreo updates.
BlackBerry KeyOne Phones Gets Updates
The Oreo installation on the KeyOne phone has been reported having some error according to those of them who have install the update on this phone but the installation went successful as also complain. But that's not the reason you will not be making the new installation on the device because all we know right now it that the Oreo is working perfectly.

Remember that they just tested the updates on KeyOne Phone meanwhile the are hoping to see more about the news and following the news that get to us the Oreo update should be expected soon.

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