Asus ROG gaming device blaze up the gaming platform

Asus introduce what gonna be one of the gaming tools for all who call himself a gamer.The new phone is meant for gaming and a lot of features and other functionalities are featured to make the gaming mode more exciting.The new phone was disclosed at Computex in Taipei in just on Monday.Luckily for you a gamer,looking for a new way to improve your gaming skills i bet you with this Asus ROG device you virtual keys will get you the perfect way of handling games on the device.

The gaming phone has been equipped with a very high sensor that dictate and register the touch of a finger and here the company called it the AirTriggers.But not only that but another interesting thing here is that shooting has been made easier for a gamer because the virtual keys is there to bummer a fire.

Asus ROG gaming device blaze up the gaming platform

We are not yet done in detailing the Asus gaming device features but know it that this gaming machine surpass what you are currently think about it.Is not a rarely device with issues but it is built for gaming with the strong and equipped technology advance.It has this feature that can give you a multiple charging i mean it has alternative charging pot on by the side while the second at the button.

As for the audio and display,the smart is built with a hug sound speaker which can loud it during your gaming has a wide display of 120Hz clearly show the everything in the screen.The idea behind the two pot is that you use the latter one while you're gaming, so the cord doesn't get in the way of your hands.

This has some many of this features which can also allows you  to connect from the phone to the PC or let me call it mobile desktop that will give you a connection to the PC.The phone's 6-inch, 18:9 display runs at 90Hz, meaning it refreshes 90 times a second. That's not quite as smooth as Razer's phone, but it's above the competition -- most phones have a 60Hz refresh rate. ROG argues that its phone's AMOLED screen will trump Razer's IPS LCD one, even if the refresh rate is lower according to CNET.

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