Apple Company worried about iPhone, claimes demand is falling

Apple has always stand to give the best out of their time and since iPhone 8 increases it cost leaving iPhone X to go more viral following the cost of the i 8.However,that's not the only reason where the iPhone is lacking down but owing to the suppliers.Apple company has gently told the suppliers to make it up by manufacturing about 20% fewer components for its upcoming iPhones, as Nikkei reported meanwhile the company is even expecting their flagship to escalate with loosing the intent of users.

Now Apple APPL stock price fell off about 2% but is that the cause of the suppliers and this has melt down the Nasdaq lower by 0.6% as we grabbed this on last Friday's trading.In prior year,Apple was capable of producing about hundred M of iPhone after the suppliers handle the request given to them by investors,and this year Apple has intentionally to their suppliers to maintain 80 M of iPhones after they told to suppliers a year ago to produce about 100 iPhone which is iPhone 8,iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus.
iPhone white
We have are ready to see about three budget models from apple this year as the company and Sung phone has already alarmed with a new re-brand of devices just as we updated previously.As for the three iPhone which we are expecting sooner or later,they all are having FaceID cameras,OLDC displays, similar to the iPhone X and also come with LDC Display.

According to CNN,Investors have been worried for a while now that iPhone sales are flattening. Apple shipped 52.2 million iPhones during the first three months of 2018, an increase of just 3% compared to the same period a year earlier. It was expected to sell 53 million iPhones.

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