Android Google Podcasts Launched on Google Play Store Download

Many have been waiting for this to come from google to android and here is a good news about the podcasting stuff from google itself.It is called google podcast meanwhile as google has the play store for users it also means that they will now download it right from the play store.As Android users still unable to run fortnite game on their device as iOS lover continue doing so,the G Podcasts is also not available for iOS so if you are on iOS you wont get this for now.

This app is just simple to use and it has been built so that Android users will benefit more from google like subscribing to podcast and other product from google like fairly robust library of podcasts and more also.Without stressing yourself for,it clear that immediately you have subscribe for the G podcast,the things you will be having as advantage includes downloading of episode when offline.You can as well syncs across your google account and you can also continue playing on the Google Home where you left on your phone.

Is a very good app but not that featured but its features will put smile on your face.There's something that i recent notice about the G podcast which is importing of OPML file.Do it looks awful when you are not allowed to import OPML file.yeah you can't do this so if you use another podcasting file you have no option but to re-subscribe to all your podcasts, which for some could be many.Another thing you have to know about this G pod. is that you can make an adjustment but you will not skip over silences like some other podcasting apps.Skipping to the next or previous chapter within the podcast or even see a list of chapters while playing is also not allowed.

The app just arrived and seem having a big different like other podcast.The most down side about irrespective what i have detailed above regarding to the skipping and importing,there's still another nasty about this app which is the restriction of you subscribing.The app wont allow you to subscribe unless you enable the ‘Web & App activity’ permission in your Google account.While some of us don't want google to get there information or personal data,of course i have published a post on how to delete you data from google but this google podcast is another track down from google.

So,why google want you to enable the ‘Web & App activity’ permission in your Google account is simply to track your move online.If you always keep your secret yourself without google know i think shouldn't use the app but for those of us who like podcasting you can move forward to download the app on G play store.

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