Android and iOS Smartphones of 2018

Many people still want to know those smartphone with the high demand and since this year we should believe that there is a lot of smart phone that surfaced even starting early this year and this has been the issue here because many are still confuse specially when trying to make a purchase of a brand.

One funny thing is that different companies has their flagship steaming,companies like iPhone,Samsung,HTC,Huawei and other competing companies wants to hold that amount trust by making sure they had the best on the on going race.However,talking about best smartphone,is something that we all ought to know about, it varies, meanwhile the one you think is the best at the same annual face a creepy by encountering a polarity in a way of competing with a new brand.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel XL 2
Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel XL 2

So all we are saying is that, best smartphone can only takes some few months to retain the best but will never continue to be the best after we have the chance to see a new release cell phones with a new dimension of technology.Well,we must confess that there is those devices out there since this 2018 ,they proudly has made name as one of the best smartphone in this year so i did like to showcase some smart that has embezzled the people's mind with specific and unique features.

Think About The iPhone 7 Comparing it With iPhone 8 and iPhone X

As a matter of fact,we did get it that the new in town is kind of electrifying the iOS users but the late 2016 product from apple keep clang and clashing around the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.I will tell you how in a simple way.The iPhone X is expensive and the plus is currently on anticipating meanwhile as we wait to see it fall,the iPhone will cost about $1000 US money.However, that is one heck of an outlay, and you also have to adjust to some new and peculiar ways of using your iPhone without a Home key or Touch ID.

iPhone 7 linkslogs
2016 Apple iPhone

iPhone 7 still maintain its line and following investigation of iPhone usage from users, iPhone 7 is one the prompting apple device that has a large fans although the iPhone X is place on high rate but we can affordably get the i 7 for real. The i X was once the apple biggest sells after the iPhone 8 escalate it cost.Again,the iPhone is the reborn of the iPhone 7 and we don't think there is much feature assign on it because is just an upgrade from iPhone and people says it don't merit it price so iPhone 7 is in the of the best smartphone 2018.

Best 2018 Samsung Phone S Series

This company Samsung is a biggest giant like apple.Samsung is evening dreaming of the S 10 although no official news yet we keep seeing as majority of the galaxy S10 spec and leaked diagram online.While we are waiting for Note 9 dated to surface on August.In Samsung Phones,there has been this contradicting but is either choose the cam or the battery.People enjoys their smart phone when the camera worth it all and also impressive when the battery strong as Rock.

Samung S8 Single Sim

Samsung S8 Single Sim

Samsung device is a very good smartphone but many keep complaining about the battery life,how it easily get drain but i think that is not in this current era because Sung and put more assiduousness improving the battery performance.Galaxy S8 and S9 the best Samsung device so far as for this year.The S8 is good in battery life while the S9 give you unbeatable camera shot.

Is OnePlus 6 One Of The Best Of 2018

When something happened is either takes the negative shape or the positive ways.In fact this OnePlus 6 keep bouncing on most people as many of us has developed the love on this smartphone.Even the latest says that the OnePlus is fully commits to Android updates which means we are going to expect more features this smart cell. OnePlus 6 is one of the expensive smartphones as we listed previously.In past few years this smart is not regarded as best leading device but it actually leap its best since this year and many of have has started taking the advantages of this phone.

OnePlus 6 wallpaper
OnePlus 6 wallpaper

OnePlus 6 with its good camera and strong battery has always be the secret of it all.Talking about the apps and more that has to do with this phone,you are not only assured of having a strong phone but it will definitely makes you feel more comfortable being someone who bought OnePlus 6.You pay a fraction of what it costs for Samsung and Apple's flagships, and you're getting just as good a device at the end of it.

Is Google Pixel XL 2 A Good Phone

When you hear about google what actually comes in,probably this is a google device and all android phone can always count on google because is one of the bedrock that always keep our phone going.The Pixel XL 2 comes before the XL 3 but there a good reason you should bring in the G XL2.Google Pixel XL 2 is a good phone which you and i need although i never check it our for the first time but the best acclaim continue to rise,i may be we should take a walk in the online store or to any of the retail outlet to grab one.

The Pixel XL 2 photos
Google Pixel 2 64gb BlackFullset original

The price isn't too crazy, and best of all you have the fact that it's Google's latest software running stock in specially optimised hardware, with ongoing updates and support - that's something you really can't beat.So What Do You Think Around About The Above Phones.

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