5G Sony Xperia confirmed its launcher – Xperia Home

Sony Xperia is not lacking behind and seem they are one of the best.In  fact they awesome with and amazing seeing the follow come custom skin and launcher app which is not a third-party.Very brilliant company and their custom launcher is a way of identifying the Sony product and that's with makes it special from other android device which we all are using different brand.Sony,again has made a new bit by confirming its launcher – Xperia Home – has effectively been mothballed.

In a post that surfaced online where the news about the Sony Launcher circulated around with a new announcement saying,"A business decision has been taken that our current launcher, Xperia Home should enter maintenance phase.""This means that no new features will be added, but maintenance will continue for as long as deemed necessary." Sony added again.

So as Sony looks to its new Xperia range for 2019, why would it abandon its launcher? We know that not only is Sony NOT quietly exiting the smartphone business, as some thought, but that it actually wants to get back into it in a big way. That‘s why it recently outlined a number of improvements it plans to bring to the new Xperia.The company then followed that announcement by teasing its next-gen camera tech, calling it "exciting stuff". Now it seems it‘s the Xperia user interface team who are getting their game faces on, and we think there are two likely scenarios, both of which are good news for Xperia fans.
One: Sony will transition to using a purer version of Android, perhaps Android One, which has been successfully adopted by Nokia. Sony has been praised in the past for keeping its version of Android relatively close to Google's own stock version, and moving to Android One would no doubt please many.Two: Sony is developing a brand new interface to complement its updated hardware and leave other phone makers looking out of date, bad and stupid.

We may find out more at August’s IFA tech jamboree in Berlin, where Sony always has a big presence. Alternatively, the Japanese superbrand could hold everything back for a show-stopping announcement at Mobile World Congress in February 2019. We’ll let you know...

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