How to Totally Become anonymous online on Internet

Now here is another simple step to take when ever you are online.Stop leaking your information online that might be hurting may be you might end up been hacked online by some using your credential.Today on Logs let me show you how you can get yourself saved online although i have published some posts that will guide you whenever you are online.So without wasting much time below is the things you need to apply whenever you want to browse the internet.

Stop Visiting Http Sites

Well this is one of thing you might know about.Anytime you are browsing the internet and the site you are login to is on HTTP i %100 think your information is open online and to the browser so you have to stay back out of those site.It will also sound a that pretty that you endeavor visiting site with Https because google itself love those site with trust.Another the different between Http and Https is that Http in not unencrypted while Https is encrypted and trusted.You Might Like To Read Simple Way To see and Delete Your Data From Google.

Internet browsing security

The Best Browser for Becoming Anonymous Online 

You want to your friends or nobody to encounter you online may be you want to run away from google the search that keep storing information about you,one think you need to do is to stop using google Chrome and also switch to any browser.Of course Chrome is google itself so if want to get lost online you can stay away from google but make DuckDuckGo your search engine.While the service may not be as robust as Google, it typically offers the same results without the side-effect of keeping logs.Currently am using Firefox to browse because the new version has been upgraded to a high digital privacy.Another browser you should consider is Ghostery.They also released a new web browser that automatically blocks trackers.

Anonymous VPN

While this become the most effective way which people use to hide there identity,i think it will be a sweet if you apply it to your base anytime you want to browse.You need to check here to see the best VPN for browsing.By connecting to an anonymous VPN server, you’re able to browse the web as if you were somewhere else. You can use them to anonymize your location, or you can use VPNs to unblock restricted content. Country-specific sites and services like the BBC’s popular iPlayer are only available to users in the UK. However, when you connect to a British-based VPN server location, you’re able to access iPlayer from anywhere.You Might Like To Read How to Set up Chrome Browser For Easy and Fast Experience.

Managing Your Email 

Which Email address are you using or have you ever think of understanding how email works.Well that's one of the big deal you will try to protect because when your email address is leaked obviously your information is leaked also.So keep it save and be able to stay away from services like Gmail Https.They encrypt it all that's good but that's not %100 secured online although they contain the SSL certificate used to authenticate and encrypt your messages but to that's scary.You Might Like To Read How To Manage or Delete Your saved Google Password.

Watch out for spam

 Even if you’re not worried about the potential privacy implications associated with your email, you’re probably at least worried about spam. When you sign up for a site or service, you usually enter your email as a form of ‘cyber-remuneration’. Only later do you realize that by giving your email address you willingly opened the floodgates to all sorts of spam.You Might Like To Read How To Secure Your Facebook Privacy From Hackers.

While it’s worth having more than one email account (one designated for throwaway messages and another designated for work), signing up for an encrypted and anonymous email service is also recommended. ProtonMail is one of the largest and most popular private email services on the market. Headquartered in Switzerland, the privacy-focused email provider is free and user-friendly. The company simply asks for donations in exchange for the service.

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