How to Stop Samsung’s App Permission Monitor Notifications

Is that annoying right,any time you keep seeing App Permission Monitor Notifications and probably you not want to be seeing this.Well,if you are reading this and want to know how you can stop that then follow the below step am going to show you,just very simple.

How to Stop,Disable Samsung App Permission Monitor Notifications

Well is all about getting started through the settings or you can still trace it through the gear shape settings on notification bar.But if you are going through the settings,just look for Lock Screen and Security and tap on it to take you to the next screen where you will scroll down and see App Permission Monitor.Now you have see the app permission just tap it and it will turn over as you can see that below image.You Might Like To Read How to Set Up Smart Lock On Galaxy S9 Instead Of Fingerprint.

App Permission Monitor
Instead, we recommend you tap on App Permission Monitor (the words, not the toggle switch) and customize what apps actually send notifications. Basically, you can go in and turn off app permission notifications for BxActions, Textra, Gboard, or anything else you’re constantly getting notifications for.You Might Like To Read How to Solve Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode and Battery Draining.

App Permission Monitor
For even deeper controls, tap on any app inside this list and uncheck what permission your phone actually monitors. That way this tool will still keep an eye on Textra, but it won’t tell you every time you send or receive a message.

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