How to Speed Up Xbox One by Changing DNS

In this guide am going to show you how to Change the DNS Service on Xbox One to Improve Speed and Privacy in very simple method with much emphasis.Just Follow below step to do that.

Steps to Change the DNS Service on Xbox One to Improve Speed

Get started by running your Xbox One through the console and you need to hit the Xbox Button via the control and the navigate to system settings just from the Menu.
How to Speed Up Xbox One by Changing DNS
Now in the next Screen after you have enter the menu the next step is to move over the network and the advance settings.Now in the next black screen color,you will see your device current network information,listing out IP,MAC address and also the DNS address also and there you choose the DNS SERVERS then manual.You Might Like To Read List Of Compatible Games For Xbox One You Should Know

The next step out the above instruction is to set up the primary and secondary DNS settings after you have choose the DNS SERVERS as i said above.primary and secondary DNS server you want to use. For example, Cloudflare DNS is and or and for Google Public DNS.

When you’re finished, you’ll be brought back to the Advanced Network screen where you will see your new DNS servers have been saved.You Might Like To Read How to Create Additional Memory Storage To Xbox One Using External Drive.

Now after that you need to hit the Xbox button controller to get you back to the home page and the check on you have set working.It’s important to remember that this setting isn’t just for gaming. It should improve the performance of other activities like browsing the store, the Xbox Live Community experience, and other supported Xbox apps.

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