How to Set Up Proxy Server on Pc and Mac

This tips is going to show you how you can be able to set up your proxy server in just some ways.There's many ways you can do that but here am show you simple way on how to do it.You all know what proxy server means,it means a substitute and it help to connet online or on web.Proxy also make use of IP adress and the IP adress indicate your location right from your computer.You Might Like To Read How to set up VPNetMon,OpenVPN,Best VPN and More.

Previously on Logs,i share how to update your Windows 10 with the current features online and today am share with you how you can set up your proxy server on computer and other device.So below i start but make sure you read through the post for more attention.

How To Set Proxy On Pc

Setting your proxy on Pc can be that easy but what if you have no idea to do that,may be here is how you can do that specialy on Windows 10.So to set a proxy on Windows,go to settings and click/select internet and Network once you select then net face is where you will set up your proxy server for Pc/Windows.Now you see the proxy,tab and it and then select from the provided list in your computer.The list the available proxy settings you might like to set up.You will also see blank gap after you tap on proxy and the blank space is where you can insert your your own IP and Port number.You Might Like To Read How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC .

How To Set Up Proxy On Mac

Proxy allows you to enjoy the internet and without it i don't think you will be able to browse the internet.Every Operating System OS has this Proxy server because that's what controls them.As for Mac users you can also set up your own proxy server if you want.Just start by opening your System Preferences and clicking on the Network icon and from ther you have to move down and then select on advance the next screen,click on the Proxy tab. You’ll see a list of different proxy protocols.

proxy server on pc and mac

How To Set Manual Proxy Server On Mac

To do this you have to select the type of proxy you want to make use of and input the Port and IP follow the above step how how to set how proxy on mac.There's fields there where you can input your own IP and Port.If the proxy is password-protected, check the Proxy Requires Password box and enter the username and password in the boxes provided.You Might Like To Read Best Way On How To Password & Encrypt Your Flash Drive.

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