How to set up Twitter password and activate two-factor authentication

To do this just follow the simple steps below and see it working.Please also know the reason why you are doing this and we do this just to secure our twitter and enabling two-factor authentication if you don't have it turned on already.

To Change Your Twitter Account Password

So here we go,just from the twitter app you are making use of  now Top on your photo profile by the left at the Top.From there you need to tap settings and privacy.Now in the next screen you need to see Account and tap it.Tap the Password tab under Log in and security.Enter your current password followed by a new password and then type in the new one again to confirm it.See below.

how to activate two-factor authentication

Now as for the  two-factor authentication below is how you can hand it by following the below steps am providing.

From your profile icon now you Tap at the left top and select settings and privacy.From there you tap on account then follows by security and there you get to login verification then start.Note also that you need to input your account just for you to verify your account and after you tap send code and the code will arrive on your phone immediately.You Might Like To Read How To Secure Your Facebook Privacy From Hackers.

How to change your Twitter password

After entering your code, two-factor authentication will be enabled on your account.However, we suggest taking one extra step. By default, Twitter sends its authentication codes via SMS. This is fine, but it's far less secure compared to using a dedicated security app. To change this.

From the Login verification page, tap Mobile security app and then the Start button.verify your password and select Set up now.You Might Like To Read 5 Amazing Features on Facebook Messenger You Need to Know.

Twitter will then ask you which authentication app you want to use if you have multiple installed, but if you only have one, it'll automatically take you to the one you use with a prompt to save your new key.Share this now

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