How to overcome blurry capture with your Android,iPhone and More

You finally decide to take a shot but at a point you start having a double mind why bought that Andriod phone or iPhone you are making use of.We all love caturing or snaping hot shot with our smart device but what if your is getting blurry any time you try making use of the camera,we the fact is that you are reading this post just to know how to solve blurry photo capture or what's the cause.

Previously on logs,Links shares how set up proxy server on PC and Mac and if you are looking for how to do that you simple follow the link above because it helps also.So today let me share with you all the cause of blurry photo and after reading this you should be able to know where your Android or iPhone device is lacking from.Not gonna wast your time but just use some minutes to grab the in formation below.

Type of Device You are Useing 

This is very simple to understand.When buying a phone you should aimd at the higher brand at least Android 4.1 and above can serve better for your camera shot.So if you are taking a shot with Android 2.3. you woun't like the appearance our the photo of course it will be blurr.

Zooming and Slow Shutter

Another reason why your photo is bad is because you focus on image,i mean that you keep zooming and zoom.Is very cool to zoom the object you are capturing but just know that zooming while on shot can result to the above topic.As for shutter,thats another thing you need to consider.if your camera shutter not fast in capturing it will also give you a negative shot although shutter might be because the phone you are use.

Your Location and Weather

A photographer once told me that most reason why we get blurry color after capturing is because of the loction are presently taking the photo.This time not because of the Android or iPhone device you are making use of but your location and cloud condition should be taking care of.Your environment which might not be condusive to shot will affect the camera lens and the weather on a cool atmospher can also result the blurr photo.Meanwhile if you are taking a photo you should stay in a brighter environment as the case may be.You Might Like To Read How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC.

Your Lens Capture is Small

If you're shooting something like a landscape where in most instances you'll want to capture an image with a large depth of field, a small aperture is a must as this increase the size of the area in focus.Trouble is, at small apertures an unavoidable payoff is an optical effect called 'diffraction', which sees fine detail start to blur. If you shoot at apertures of f/16 or f/22, your shots can be visibly softer than those shot at wider apertures. This is because light is forced to bend as it passes of the edge of the aperture blades and prevents the light from focusing on the sensor, softening the image.To avoid this happening, shoot at a slightly wider aperture, such as f/11.You Might Like To Read Tip To Stop YouTube App AutoPlay Videos.

how to slove blurry photo shot

Check Your Camera Settings

This is one another way you will find out why your photo is blurry.Most times we keep preeing our phone making changes that we don't evne know it will effect some area.If you are getting a blurr shot probably the time you bought your phone the camera is sharp but at a point it changes.So my advise is that you should check your camera setting or may be restore the camera settings to it default.

Clean The Lens Of Your Camera

Now you noticed that your camera is not clear and that's the first time you are observing that,there's this probabilty it might be dusty and the best thing you should do is to clean the lens.Cleaning the lens another complex way of harming your phone because the lens one the most important thing in camera and if you want to clean it must screw it ot or take it to any workstaion for help.You Might Like To Read How to Set Up Smart Lock On Galaxy S9 Instead Of Fingerprint.

You Capture Without Spending A Seconds

Another fact why you get burry photo is that you are taking it too fast without waiting for some seconds.This will make the camera to navigate to a different way.So when taking a photo wait for some seconds may be 3 to 4 seconds then hit the action button to shot.You Might Like To Read 6 Ways To Improve Battery Life on Galaxy S8.

Don't Come To Close To The Object

To avoid Blurry photo after you shot,make sure that the person or the object is not much closer.for example if you are a photographer,you ought to be a bit step back because if you come much closer you might end up having a blurr shot.

Change The Lens Of Your Phone

You have try your possible best to fix blurr caption yet you are have it everytime you capture things.Well let me advise you to change your lens if you really want to stop this.But also not that you must take your phone to a rework station for you to do this and you are doing it for your own risk.

Restore Your Phone Or Buy A One For Yourself

The method on how to over come blurry capture with your Andriod,iPhone and More to Restore the factory to the factory settings and if it continues i think is time for you to change the phone.So if you are facing the above topic just apply this tips and trick and see it working.

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