Tip To Stop YouTube App AutoPlay Videos

Is very annoying  seeing unwanted video playing itself without any click from you.some of all this AutoPlay can be sucking off Data while trying to browse the internet or may be you are already browsing with your google Chrome.Links once published a post about how to stop AutoPlay on Google Chrome browser and if you are yet to read that i think there's opportunity for to do so.

Today,Links will be show you how to stop AutoPlay on your YouTube app after we published previously about how to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube.AutoPlay is not good while browsing because a lot of distracting might be stocking your browser.In a few minute,let me show you how you can safely Turn off AutoPlay on YouTube.

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How Can I Stop YouTube App AutoPlay Videos

Sorry if that has been your problem but follow the few steps below to get it ride off.Now to stop this Just Run the App and Navigate to your profile Photo.You will see it by the Top right Cycle.You should options from the settings and there you will see AutoPlay.Select the AutoPlay On Home and Turn Over Switch to Off.see below

You’ll have two options in here. One is Autoplay next video, which is an old feature that’s been around for years. Basically, YT will automatically play the next video once you’re done with whatever you’re watching. That’s nothing new, but you can turn it off. However, the Autoplay on Home is relatively new.

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That’s where videos start playing before you do anything inside the app. Right from the main home screen videos just start going, without your permission. That’s what these instructions will stop. If you like this new feature, at least set it to only play over WiFi, that way you don’t go over your data limit.That's it all.Use the Share Button to share this Post if Only it helps and skip it if it doesn't

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