Simple Method to Change DNS On Google WiFi

Just in a brief to those who email Links about how to configure DNS may be how to Change the DNS on Google WiFi.Well i feel so sorry that you are passing through some had time but let see how i can help solve this widespread issue about how to change DNS on Google WiFi.

I hope that you all know what is WiFi and you can simply follow up with the settings am about to show up below.Previously on Logs,i shared it,about how you can speed up your Chrome Browser and i detailed it in very simple logic.So today,base on complain i received via Email i will like to share a solution on how to solve a specific problem.Although this not a problem just that you don't know how you can do about it.

You do know also that Internet service Provider (ISP) provides some DNS  which you handle on your browsing or visiting a website.But they extremely slow and they can effect your page loading just like when your Chrome Browser is crewing around.

Now the good news on Logs is that Google itself has this and is capable of giving the high speed you want.Google has this DNS that can browse around the web with the best speed so far.The DNS resolver from google addresses is and below is how you can make a simple change on Google WiFi.

Way To Change DNS Resolver Just On Google WiFi

Please Note that you Need to get the app via play store before you continue and if you already have,then follow up below.

Run the App and on the Home screen there you select Network and General and it will take you to the notwork settings.There you you will see Advanced Networking and select it and then Select DNS. Now select Custom and there you will see the Primary server and also see the Secondary server as well,For Primary server input then the Secondary server put and

That's it all.Share this if only it helps and skip if it doesn't.

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