Alternative Way on How to set up two-factor authentication on your PlayStation 4

A Gamer will always like to experience a better ways to enhance their playing skills and most of them also like tips and trip that normally come during playing specific game.Today a research online has made Links to compose a new post about how to set up two-factor authentication on your PlayStation 4.In our gaming category,there has been some post about PlayStation 4 and today on Logs let's talk about of PlayStation.

After i used this two-factor authentication on one of my friend PlayStation 4,i just acknowledged that the two-authentication is for security because i was asked some serious question from the PlayStation 4 after the settings a made below.

Alternative Ways on How to set up two-factor authentication on your PlayStation 4
So for you to carry a simple task or think of knowing how to do this on PlayStation,i think i will show you how to do that but promise to follow up with the instruction that am going to detail below.

Best Way And Simple Method On How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

For you to do that just follow it from the dashboard of the PlayStation 4 Settings after that you have to move down to select/click Account Management.Now you are in the Account Management the next thing to do is to make sure you select Account Information and then you select Security.Now as you have select Security the next thing is to scroll down for the second time but this time you are selecting 2-Step Verification and you Sign Up.

Now in the next step you should see a set up asking you to enter your phone number and why you are entering you phone number is to be receiving text.Now getting to the final end you need to click OK and you are good to go.

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That's it all also Note that anytime you are about to start up your PlayStation or may be you try logging in,you will get a code with in a different ways and you are required to input the code that was sent to you and continue.

Why two-factor authentication on your PlayStation 4 is good,is because it verifies that you are to only one getting access to your PlayStation 4.

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