People Hate Me Because Of This - Galaxy S9

Are serious that you Need this Galaxy S9,why do you need S9 or you really need because others are buy it.If you are buy Galaxy S9 or S + because others are buying it please you need to consider some major fact.Most of do buy smart phones without thinking of the negative part.Buy any smart OS without any aim might be a creepy to you and most definitely regret why you lavish your budget on that specific object.

Links on Logs is here to tell you the major secret of Samsung newly release after showing some fact about Huawei Mate 10 Pro although that device merit to be called smart phone but you need to consider when buy it as i have details in the previous published post on Logs.

disadvantage of S9

For Some weeks now,it has been all about Samsung with its new product called S9 and S+ and not even talking about iPhone with the new features.Well,base on the demand of this S9 and how desperate people look up to get it that's why we keep on publishing most of the news about it.However,if you are wondering which phone to buy or plan to buy Galaxy S9,i think that's cool but before you make a move to any online store,shipping from any location to your own destination,let me tell you most of the things you ought to know about S9 and why we don't normally leave all acclaim to it.

The Galaxy Dual-aperture camera

You know most of us thinks that it gonna be wow but what if you finally realize that is a hogwash after buy this Samsung Goodness as said to be the release of S9.Am not discouraging or encouraging but trying to give a clue of what people are complaining about what they are using.Dual-aperture camera sounds cool but many has leave so many issue with camera.It normally make a low light and quality in bright.While some do complain it get them annoying anytime they make a shot with the S9 because it end up blurry.Is That True if only you have noticed that.

Galaxy S9 3D Avatars Fall A Victim

Well not many hate this but me and my friends once talked about this nasty we do encounter anytime we try make a change.A post online has shown the difference about S9 3D avatars AR Emoji and the iPhone 3D avatars AR Emoji.They all are great but as for the S9 it track your expressions poorly and need far more customization options and if you doubt it you can make a text it by trying to apply avatars.

Samsung Avatars work

This days now a lot not only Samsung making the effort just to enhance their product for commercial purpose even iPhone still clangs with they for competing. 3D avatars AR Emoji is one the new feature with a higher definition and unlike S8 and below.

Galaxy S9 New Unlock Trick

According to a post online (Cnet) the S9 unlock pattern it not secure and make no value in solving most of the security problems.According to the site,the new unlocking option use face but yet is not secure.Still doubt this because i have not people commenting on this problem although the S9 sometimes make that annoying tricks when using.

Galaxy S9 Camera Modes 

Are you new to Samsung or you just bought one for yourself. Probably you might need some help when talking a shot because when it comes to Galaxy S9 the Camera mode can easily switch over either from the secondary camera to primary cam.To most people this is frustrating and if you don't know how to switch to the respective mode.To learn more about the camera in question,you can also read one of our post about Galaxy S9 Features.

Galaxy s9 camera

What do you think about this.

The Super Slow-Motion Video

Have you ever enjoy the super slow-motion video,i think about what about the Automatic super slow-motion video,at this point i think the automatic shouldn't be add in the list because is not useful and people see it as a softer problem.If you have observed the image quality,you will notice that is low in resolution.

The Galaxy S8 and S9

I have see people trying to buy S9 but they even consider whats special with the two phones.Meanwhile i still believe that's no different in between them.Share this post with the blow share button if only it helps and skip if it doesn't.

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