How You Can Install Google Browser In Ubuntu 18.04

You have you new Ubuntu with but actually don't know how to use it.Not every can be able to handle that Operating System and as the case may you will definitely find it more difficult to run Google browser which is Chrome.Chrome is a browser you need and because the features of 'Chrome' you might even need it in your Ubuntu System.

Today Links will be share with you all about how you can install Chrome in Ubuntu system.But befor i start,i suggest also you read our last post about the List Of Compatible Games For Xbox One You Should Know or you can skip it if you have read the post.|

How To Download Chrome In Ubuntu

This is not hard but get the OS which you want to install the Ubuntu and the head over the any browser you already have in the OS.In the address bar type in the link to download the Chrome which or you can follow the above link to visit the site.

chrome for Ubuntu

Now you are browsing through the Chrome Page,just click on Download and also after the terms and their condition but before you do that make sure you choose your system bit which is at the top of the terms and services.See Blow

Google Chrome Terms and Condition
Now Once you accept the terms and condition,their should be a pop up where you Tell Firefox (which you’re replacing) to open the package for you (you cruel person you) but before this happen the Chrome should complete the down.see below.
debian package
Now about the above step,the next step is where the Ubuntu software center will open  complete with an “Install” button. Go ahead and click that.So the next will be where you are going to type in your password if to prompted then after you need to continue and it will be installed.There's also one thing you need to know also.Once Chrome is installed in Ubuntu,there will be a repo for updates.This mean that Chrome is now added to the one of your software updates and it also means that anytime Chrome have a new version it will successfully install automatically.

I think Chrome has been install and for you to open it,just click the “Show Applications” button at bottom left. You should see Chrome, but search for it if you don’t.

How To Add Chrome To Ubuntu Shell After Downloading

After you have search for it from the search bar in the Ubuntu and you see it just right click on the Chrome icon and the click on Add to Favorite and after that the Chrome will now be added to your Ubuntu shell dock.What next,just open the Chrome and start to browse but you will be ask if you want to make it your default browser and if yes then tick the to box and start to enjoy your browsing with Chrome in Ubuntu.Share this Post with the below button if only it helps or skip it if don't find it interesting.Thanks.

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