How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC

Post photos and videos on Instagram via PC seem one of the hard thing people are facing if trying to post at that particular moment.Today Links will be sharing a new method to those who have no idea of how to post a post on IG instead they keep using their Android device to do so.Instagram Never allow people to post things via PC and not everybody like the condition and their terms when it come in posting via PC.

After reading this post,you should be able to know how to post through your PC to your IG account and you will also see some apps that will enable you to carry those task.Previously on LinksLogs,i shared information on how to Delete your Facebook account if you only want to keep your private life single.The published post shows tips and also a solution solving with and why most people want to delete their Facebook account. You Might Like To Read Facebook Messenger updated with New Features.
How to Upload Photos to Instagram From PC
Now in a few step,i will show you how you can post through the PC then to your Instagram account.But you can only login to your Instagram account with your PC but you won't be allowed to post photo and Video from the computer,meanwhile if you don't have Android device or iOS you can't post.So i will start with some few Apps that will help you to accomplish this task from your Windows to Instagram.

Use The Bluestacks Way

One of the popular known way of posting on IG account is through Bluestacks.Bluestacks a programmed software that helps us to run apps/software that can be run in Windows.Its feature is mainly meant for run apps on windows just like if you want whatsapp with your PC,here this software will also come in to help you manage the app.You Might Also Like To Read How to Block Unknown Numbers on WhatsApp with Mobile Phone.

How to Use BlueStacks

Just download the Bluestack and run the software.wait for some few minutes for it to start and you can disable the tutorial at the top of right corner.But if you are still new to the software you also go through the tutorial to learn more on how to use it.As you have download load it,and you run it as i say above,then you can click on Continue and also note that you can use your google account to login because that's one of the set up you will be passing through on and after you need to read their terms and condition and then click Ok.You Might Like To Read How To Manage or Delete Your saved Google Password.

In the next step you will be un-check some box if only you want to use Bluestack to post on Instagram.this option is optional i even don't need but will not those check one rather ignore them because i only want to use it for uploading on Instagram.After you then click on the next arrow where you will enter your to personalize some apps.

How to Install Instagram on Bluestack

Now you are done with the above step,the next thing is to install apps from the Bluestack.Yeah you can install apps from the Bluestack without visiting a separate browser to download the Instagram.You will google play store in the Bluestack and at the top right corner,use the search bar to search for Instagram once you Instagram select it and install it in the Stack. It will also demand for access about your location,contacts and just accept it.

Now if the Instagram successfully installed,you see it below or under My App tab and you can click on it to lunch the app.

How to Upload Photos and More From Bluestack

As you lunch the app,the Bluestack will change give a new structure like when you are using the Mobile device with Instagram just vertical like when you are on Instagram.The next thing is to sign in or sign up if you are new on Instagram but you should have account with Instagram before thinking of using it with Bluestack.You already have account with IG look down to login and also your feeds will drop down following people you have as friends.
Bluestack on instagram
Click the plus icon at the bottom, then select Gallery. Click the Gallery drop-down menu at the top left and select Other, then click Pick from Windows. Find the photo you want to upload, select it and click Open.You can now crop the picture, add filters and a caption, and share it with your followers via all the usual social networks.

Using the Dropbox Ways To Upload Photos On Instagram

Here another alternative way to upload Photos on Instagram.You all know what Dropbox is all about.With Dropbox you can use it to backup files online and you can use the advantage to upload your photos on Instagram.
The Dropbox method instagram uploader
The first you will do is to create account with Dropbox and after you need to download the Dropbox Clint software on your windows or Mac and you also download the app for your android or iOS and then login.You Might Like Alternative Way to Alternative Ways to Cancel an iOS App Subscription on Your iPhone.

How To Upload Photo From Dropbox

Just drag a photo from your pc or mac and drop it to your new Dropbox folder and you will see it synced with the mobile app which you download.

Upload and sync photos

Grab your phone, open the Dropbox app and tap your photo to select it. Tap the downward-pointing arrow in the top right. Select ‘Export’, then choose the Instagram app.After that the Instagram will open as normal like when you are using Instagram on mobile.You can now apply filters and also shares your photos on Instagram.That's it all,Share this post with the above share button if only it helps or skip if it doesn't. Thanks.

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