How To Turn Xbox One to AirPlay Music and Video Using iOS Device

Is all about ideas and it also all about to solve. Turning Xbox  One to do extra work is very simple but will be hard if only you don't know how to do.But today on linkslogs,let Links show you how to apply simple step in setting up AirPlay on Xbox One just to play Music and Video in the comfort of your Room.

Previously on Logs,on Xbox One Tech,i shared with you all why you should buy Xbox Live Gold and Reasons why you shouldn't. Today let me share more about Xbox one but this time we are getting Music and Video involved because of Music Lovers.So you want to play music or Video you can also play it across to the Xbox one without thinking of wide screen television.Post online made me to understand that streaming music and video on Xbox as for then is not possible irrespective of one of the app called Spotify which is available but not on Apple.

how to set up music and video in xbox one live

How To Get Started With Xbox One AirPlay Music and Video Using iOS Device

Getting started is not hard if you have installed the necessary apps in your Xbox One and also in your iPhone,iPad and iPod which is the Xbox One Console and get it on amazon with it name Xbox One S 500GB Console.

How To Play Music and Video On Xbox One 

I assumed it that you know how to operate the Xbox One and if am right follow this steps by navigating to Xbox Console and then you open the Store look around you see search bar and just select it and run a search by typing into the search box Airservers as you type you will see some drop down with about seven option and just select Air Server Edition.See below or click/tap to view in full screen.
how to set up music and video in xbox one

Now you install the Air Server Edition and once installed then we are almost there.Please also know that for the first time you install the app you are give a free trail and just some days it will require you to buy the full version which will cost you about $19.9.If i should suggest i think you should but it to enjoy it if only you have the money.

Let's continue if you are done with the above steps.In the next step or after you installed the app called Air Server Edition run it and as it comes with a trial.While it run,you need to control it with the controller and there you press A from the controller and it will display a QR Code.The OR Code should be there and don't touch it because that's where you connect your iOS device.Where is your iPhone or iPad,bring it for configuration.

Now With the Search bar on your iPhone any iOS,you have to search for this word Airserver Connect and once the search is successful install it.Now you have installed it the next thing to do is to run it and you will see a black and red color with a caption Airserver Connect.Look down you will see Scan QR  code and they tap facing it to QR code that's already stand by on Xbox One Tv.see Below
Airserver Connect QR Code
During the scan it will connet with your Xbox One Console and one it connect the color of the QR will turn to Black and slight blue with a caption successfully added Xbox One 1080p30 to the Airplay list.see blow
airplay connect to xbox one music

Wow! that's it,now you can go to your iOS control panel and you will see the Xbox one as of the device which can AirPlay Music and video just any Mp3,Mp4 and more format that has to do with media.Play your Music there it appears on Xbox one or you want to watch video play it and it will appear on Xbox one is now connect.Scanning the QR code is very simple just like when you trying to connect your whatsapp to windows enabling to chat through computer.Share this post with the share button below if only it helps or skip it if it doesn't.

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