How to Solve Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode and Battery Draining

I feel so bad that our Android Oreo which we do enjoy enough also has one negative aspect.Many people has complained much about this issue yet it seem no solution to solve this very annoying issue specially when play Game.While google continue to work on this problem we still have something good for you all who are suffering from Battery Daring.

Previously on logs,is all about how to manage your password on this Android Oreo 8.0 which you all have peek on but if you haven't you might also like to read that to carry your along about Android Oreo.As we have read that let's talk about the Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode and also Battery Draining.

Now we have also revived numerous complain about the same Galaxy S8 and also the S8+ where people still complaining that even the AirPlane mode is also hurting the battery life.Alternatively, i have posted how to stop Battery Draining on Oreo and can check that out for more but when it comes to Airplane mode this is how you can follow it up.

Note that Airplane one of the things we mostly like to turn on if we notice that the phone battery is getting down.Some normally turn it on when they are sleeping or when they are reading.But now the question is asking is Airplane mode even sucking the battery power.if WiFi,Bluetooth or wireless connection is turn off,we i hope that the battery is at the right place but what about Oreo Android.
Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode and Battery Draining
Samsung company already know about this but can they make any correction.Below is how i managed my Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode and Battery Draining .

How To Stop Galaxy S8 Airplane Mode and Battery Draining 

While some users have apparently tried factory resetting the device and clearing the cache, those don’t appear to have an effect on the Airplane Mode battery draining issue. However, it appears some Galaxy S8 users experiencing the problem have temporarily fixed the issue by switching the phone into 3G/2G network mode before turning on Airplane Mode. This option is located in the Galaxy S8’s settings in Settings > Connections > Mobile networks.

 The other option at the moment is to completely avoid using Airplane Mode until Samsung is able to work out a fix for the problems. There’s a chance the company will issue a remedy inside the next security update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but there’s no guarantee. Other Galaxy S8 users have been complaining about more general battery life problems where the phone’s battery appears to drain faster than normal.

 If you don’t think your battery life issues have anything to do with using Airplane Mode, please take a look at our list of fixes for bad Galaxy S8 battery life. There’s a very good chance it’s one of your apps causing the issue, but there are also some settings tweaks you should try in order to get a handle on the issue.What do you think,Share this post across with the share button below if only it helps or skip it if it doesn't. Thanks

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