How to Set Up Smart Lock On Galaxy S9 Instead Of Fingerprint

Smart Lock is one of the best way of enhancing device but most people are not using it in their Galaxy S9 which means you might be missing some interesting features of this Lock screen.I know you like the fingerprint in Galaxy S9 but today you might also choose to ignore the fingerprint and switch over to Smart Lock.

Previously on Logs,we enjoyed how to that solution on how to stop battery draining on Android Oreo which we count Galaxy 8 as one.So don't miss the post as well.However,the solution is cool is all about Samsung.Today let Links share with you all on how to use smart Lock On Galaxy S9 which we once discussed about the camera features,tricks and tips.
How to Set Up Smart Lock On Galaxy S9 Instead Of Fingerprint
This Smart has this features how will allow you to even use it in your car,at home even you are not sure on what it is able to perform trust the Smart Lock is a very good idea to those using Fingerprint on there S9 or more of those Samsung device.

I also hope that there's a lot out there making use of other screen Lock but if you have not be making use of the Smart Lock On Galaxy S9,i think after reading this few steps you will be able to do something great with the Smart Lock on Galaxy S9.So below i start to show you how you can use it for real.

Best Way On How To Use Smart Lock On Galaxy S9

Now we start by going through the Menu settings Lock Screen and Security.Now once you get there or as you tap the Lock Screen and Security,the next thing you should see is options of security method which you can use to lock your device.You will see face recognition,Iris Scanner,Fingerprint Scanner and also see the Smart Lock.See below.
smart lock scanner

You can also access this settings through the gear shaped button from the Notification bar,then look for settings in the Notification bar and then tap it after scroll down and you will see Lock Screen and Security and then tap it,tap Smart Lock and then in put your new password.As you have enter your password you need to continue to the next step where you will see about four options.

The above following the new step,you will see on-body detection,Trusted Places,Trusted Devices and also see Trusted Voice.Now lets select Trusted Places/locations,devices and Bluetooth meanwhile if am staying at home no need of unlock the Galaxy S9 or when on truck stereo.Why because this are trusted places where your Galaxy can trust at least you can trust your home accept you are going then the device will be locked.see below.
Smart lock places and location
The software recognizes is able to know when you are near a trusted device and bypasses the lock screen method temporarily. Smart Lock works with any NFC or Bluetooth device.Click Trusted devicesTap + Add trusted deviceSelect from Bluetooth or NFC (it will search and find any nearby connected device)Choose which accessory and then select Add as trusted device.
on-body detection
This is a very good method on how you can manage your security lock screen in Galaxy S9. Assuming you u are use fingerprint in Locking your S9 and you also enable the Smart Lock,is pretty good but after you set up the Smart Lock and and give it trusted place like home,it will tells the S9 that you are at home if indeed you are at home.

Now the Smart look won't lock but the only thing to do is to swipe the screen device. If are not at home or near trusted places or location that mean the Smart Lock will turn off.Now being far away from your home,if you what to use it out there you will need to unlock it with fingerprint.So that's how it works and that's how to set up the Smart Lock on Galaxy S9. Share this post with the share button below if it helps or skip it if it worth no value.Thanks.

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