How to Set up Chrome Browser For Easy and Fast Experience

I heard that Chrome is one of the best Browser for us but is that fact,have you experience the fastness of google Chrome before if NO here on Logs,Links is going to share the best method of how to speed the Chrome Browser to the highest speed you want.But just Note most of this browsers like Mozila For,Opera Mini,Uc Web and lot more are also one the best browsers which you can use to improve your user interfacing during your browsing but if only you will continue to upgrade to the latest version of their type.

Don't get it twisted about this post,rather what you are about to read is just a tips on how you can speed up the Chrome Browser for your own good.Previously on linkslongs,we talked about the iOS 11.4 releasing date so after that we found a new solution on how to speed up this Google Browser and without wasting much time below is how you can get that default Browser (Chrome ) more than Fast and Furious.

how to experience fast browsing in chrome

Stop Excessive Extension Chrome Browser

You don't need to worry about what i mean by that but am going to tell you exactly what i mean here.Every browser has this process of running so many taps and more but Chrome being own by google,i think there's more things you need to do to get your Chrome Browser from Slow-Mo condition as if you are use Galaxy S9 Slow Mo to browse the Internet.Excessive Extension are those process that's making use of the RAM with the % of 88 and this can cause a serious slow down during your Browsing.So that's what i mean and some one might ask how to stop this.

How To Stop Excessive Extension on Chrome Browser

Well not that hard the only thing you need to do here is to follow up the steps am going to show you below.To stop it you have to think of Task Manager.The Task manager is where you are going to see process that's running on Chrome and there any one you see making use of RAM with the highest rate you have to stop it immediately.

Google Chrome task manager

To stop it just navigate to google Chrome Task manger after that you have to look for google Chrome Control ,followed by More Tools,followed by Task manger and there you are. Now you get to the Task manger the next thing you should do is to look for any extension that's sucking the system or Ram.Just Stop them all by clicking on End Button. that's it for Excessive Extension.

Don't Think Of Leaving The Extension

What do i mean here again and why are my referring to the same Extension.Well what saying is that you need to Remove,Disable and Kill the Extension this time around you will only do this if the first step above did't work out for you.Note also that too many extension can be the reason why your Chrome Browser is die of hunger.It can't even give you the exact you are looking for or browsing fast that time you want it to just because of too many extension process are on.Below is how you can easily rock out the extension you.

How To Remove Extension On Chrome Browser

Just follow me below by navigating to the step which i have show above which is Google Chrome Control followed by More tools the Extension.Or if you don't want way off accessing you can also type in the address bar this format ‘chrome://extensions’ and the extension will show and now you will then manage it by removing it but i suggest that you should remove those once you don't normally make use.Note also,if you find extension difficult to remove, that miss you have it uninstall it from the program list in your PC or any OS.

Can Your Clear Your Browsing Data ?

Lol..,but this sounds nasty and i think most of you might find this that difficulty but if truly you want to experience fast browsing with your Chrome Browser that means you need to do this for real.I know clearing of that might get your data lost but do it for good Okey. Remember also that Cache and Cookies are part of this.
how to clear data on chrome browser

Simply Way on How To Clear Cache and Cookies/Data On Chrome Browser

Follow me again by going through Google Chrome Control followed by More tools then Clear browsing data.There you will see the browser history,the Cache and also the cookies if not ticked you can tick them and then click on Clear Data.That's it.If you the post and think it helps you can easily use the below share button to share to those in need or skip it if it doesn't helps.

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