How To Secure Your Facebook Privacy From Hackers

One of a friend Jay Links,Facebook account was previously  hacked and we don't actually know what might be the cause of this or how his information was leaked just like password or what that has to do with his credential.It sounds so annoying that an account which you managed for year finally get blocked by Facebook hacked by one this bad back Hat.

Well,that's just a warning and also teach us to secure of Facebook.Today on LinksLogs, Let Links act as white Hat to those who keep visiting the Logs,meanwhile i will be share with you on how you can manage your Facebook account basically the Top hits as Privacy.

Previously on Logs,I share with you on how to manage your Galaxy 8 Keyword,how you can beautify the Keyboard or customize it for good.Are a Galaxy user i think that post might be a good for you if you are yet to read it.Here's another post which come as a security to you our readers.Am about to inform you about the new feature of Facebook and also the new privacy which you need to handle as a Facebook user.

Facebook has a new privacy which was recently introduce to user and below will be my brief details you need to know and avoid from getting hacked.Remember Facebook is now one the most social media that Billions of people are engaged on and if you are one you need to get started by know how you can secure your privacy.

Facebook New Feature/Privacy 

After i came across the new privacy from Facebook and which you will be seeing some upcoming months.I want to let you all to understand that Facebook is coming with some option as a privacy.What are the privacy Facebook have for us.They include the Ads based on data from Facebook.I will be coming with information like Relationship,religion that you are currently sharing with the public.The most surprising one is if you want the social media Facebook to be using Facial Recognition.see below.
facebook face recognition
Now as the new feature and privacy arrive soon and start to witness may bey you see a pop up asking to review those new features like what i mentioned above the photo.Just review them without wasting much seconds.

The Privacy Check Up Need To Complete,But How

Remember that there's some privacy you can see when access Facebook through So.that's other privacy option you need to do to secure your account by making use of the handy privacy.What i mean by handy privacy is those privacy you can access using your with making use of the web.Secure your privacy by going the settings on mobile.Just navigate to Settings,then to Settings and Privacy and on Check Backup.

facebook privacy shortcuts

The privacy also allows you to make changes,setting up who can see your post when you share them on Facebook.Like you can choose if the public can see the post ,the friends only or only you.Even if you want to post a new photo or video you can still choose who can see if.For Example if you already set your privacy to be only me when share a new post you can still change to the privacy to public if only you want.

All this privacy you easily get them from your profile.Finally, you will see a list of all the apps and websites you’ve given permission to access your data. You can change who can see your activity in those apps on Facebook and, if you want, delete an app and block it from accessing your data again. To do that, tap the “X” and then tap the “Delete app” button.
Apps and Websites on FACEBOOK ACCOUNT
 This is how Cambridge Analytica (and many, many other companies) got data from millions of Facebook users, so it’s worth going through and removing any apps you don’t use just in case.What do you think,share this post with the share button below if it helps or leave if you found value it.Thanks.

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