Best Way On How To Password & Encrypt Your Flash Drive

In this post on Linkslog,i will be showing you how you can Encrypt your Flash drive.Encrypting files inside the flash drive is very important and not many people have that idea of encrypting or putting password in their USB flash drive.How do you do normally do your and if you already have that idea of putting your USB drive in password this post will also be alternative way on how you can do the same thing which you already knew.

Just in few minutes you will simply know how to encrypt USB Drive .For you to do that you need to choose the best Encrypt processor with although there are many of them online but if i should suggest i think you should make use of VeraCrept. Is a successor of TrueCrept and when you download it comes with portable app which is going to run directing once you plug it through the USB port of your computer.

Best Way On How To Password & Encrypt Your Flash Drive

Don't be so sorry that it also come with Administrators right to operate with it.VeraCrept Do come with with it best,for example it comes with the-Fly AES  bit encryption.The free version comes with a limit of drive size like 2GB.

If am to talk about the features On-the fly Encryption many be using the Multi different algorithm which includes 256-bit AES,The Serpent, and Twofish and some how linked with the Rohos Mini drive.Why i also like it is because it can also create a virtual encrypted dick which mount itself as a real disk although you can also encrypt there partition and storage device as well.

How To Download The VeraCrept/How  To Use It

Don't worry where you can download the VeraCrept but you can check it out via the official website of VeraCrept or you can also look for it via Filehipoo and after you download it then install the software/app in your USB flash drive.Now you need to run the portable app with your computer and there it will show you available drive letters from A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H, and I.Which on do you prefer to use,just select any of them from the listed list.Now as you have select one for the list,just click on create Volume and it will launch the VeraCrpt  Volume creation wizard.see below

how to select volume on Veracrept

Now do you want Encrypt the whole of your USB drive then follow it by selecting Encrypt None Partition System/Drive after that you have to click on the next button.Now in the following step,there is where you are going to make another choice by deciding if you want the Standard or a Hidden Encrypt Volume.The essence of selecting the Hidden Encrypt Volume is to minimize  the risk of someone trying to hack in to the flash drive and if you are doing this,please make sure that you format the USB drive not deleting the file in side it but just format it.

So let continue with the Standard VeraCryt Volume. While you are still in the installing window,and there you will see select location which is the partition by your left right hand hand side just click on select device and then choose the removable disk which you want to encrypt confirm it and by hitting OK the follow the next screen by clicking Next.

Now here it comes in,if you are aiming to Encrypt the whole of the USB drive,then you have to select the Encrypt Partition In Place and then hit next.Note also that you need to backup your files before encrypting of the app is going to warning for.The next thing is to select the Encryption and the Hash Algorithm but you can also use the default settings if you don't mind and the next step is where you are going to set your password.

Follow up step is where you will select your Wipe more and Note that the more wipe the more safe it will become now in the last step is where you will accomplish your aim by clicking Encrypt and it will begin the encryption.So that's it all if you are still confuse just use the comment section and if this post helps,share it by using the share button below or skip it if it dons't help.

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