A Quick Way On How to Access User Account Control in Windows 10

You don't have to blame those who newly to windows 10 because if you have not use Windows 10 before you will get lost when trying to access your files or folder.I just realize that no many are familiar to Windows 10 and if you are using it for the first time i bet you can't get your User Account Control.You what User Account is capable of doing,is a way where you can make changes and also set some more setting.

So after show you where you can buy Huawei P20 Pro in London, Today is for those in need of help.To those who don't know how to disable or make Changes to the User Account Control known as UAC.Is also clear that the you can access the Account control in Windows 10 is a bit different to Windows 7 even for Windows 8.This are similar OS that has a different setup on UAC.So whats new about them or how can i access the UAC in Windows.

How To Navigate to Windows 10,8 and 7 UAC

The good news is that i will show you the simple method to access those control panel.and below i start the tips on how to access User Account Control.So here i start with the first thing which is by Pressing,clicking,Tapping or Hitting the big windows Key and what will follow up is a pop up and then look around up or down and you will see a search bar.Once you see it just start to type User Account Control in the search box.As you have type it you don't need to worry because the UAC will appear with a highlight,showing Change User Account Controls Settings.see below

After you see the Change User Account Controls Settings  the next thing to do is to dis able the UAC just move down the slider  to Never Notify.You will also see another option which is Always Notify and the work of the Always Notify is to ask you to very anytime you install programs like Photoshop,VLC PLAYER (check out the VLC player here) ,BROWSERS and other programs you also know. The always notify make it sure to verify you really make changes to your System.You should also see the UAC below the dialog box

Now it left for you to choose one from the above option and once you did so then click on OK.see below.
You should know also note that the UAC dialog do display at the previous compression level and again,the level you select will definitely take effect may be the next time you do you handle something that needs verification to make Changes in your Computer.

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