How to Customize and Beautify the Galaxy S8 Keyboard

Very pretty that am about to show you a new idea of what you don't know about.But f you know what am about to show you all that means you are truly a good researcher who always like to see more features of Galaxy S7,S8,S9 and lot more.In past years now who all know customizing of keyboard is one of the things that we like doing just to improve our experience with our smart device.

Previously on LinksLogs,a post reads about how to handle Airplane mode and how you can stop battery draining on Galaxy S8 and having read that here is another post for Galaxy S8 but we are talking a new dimension which is how you can beautify or customize the Galaxy S8 Keyboard.This post will also guide you on how you can manage your typing skills when using the smart device which is the S8.

I know there's a lot apps on google Play Store which you can use to customize the Samsung Keyboard but i still believe that's not enough as for me or let me assume for you also.So as much as there's new tips and tricks out there which you can use to enhance your device,there's still more you can do about the Galaxy S8 and more.

How to Customize and Beautify the Galaxy S8 Keyboard

Note that you Samsung phones normally come with their own Keyboard theme or style may be color.But when it comes to those upgraded Samsung phones like all those Galaxy S,you ought to notice that Samsung not put more work on their Keyboard style rather they gave out some few style which you can change at any time.So with the follow come or inbuilt Keyboard with high contrast i think we still stand a good chance to utilize this let start below.

How to Change Keyboard Color on Galaxy S8

As i said earlier in this post there's many Keyboard with a Stylish customize for your Keyboard.So you are recommended to look for one and install on your Galaxy S8 so that this can work as expect.Customizing your Keyboard to a new look need extra work if only you don't using the default Samsung Keyboard.But don't worry am going to suggest one for you which is Gboard. There's some of Top Apps which you can use for this but lets use the Gboard.

With Gboard you can do more for your Samsung Keyboard and it also offers things like color,background and more of it styles.However below is how you Change the color of your default Keyboard.Just Drop down the Notification,from there you hit the gear shaped settings and and then Scroll down to General Management.Tap the General Management and then select Language and Input,then also select On Screen Keyboad,select Samsung Keyboard and from there you select the Keyboard Layout and Feedback.After tapping on the Keyboard Layout,from there you choose High Contrast Keyboard and choose your color.

How to Customize and Beautify the Galaxy S8 Keyboard

Samsung only have few Keyboard style and you might not like them and that's why am suggesting the Gboard Keyboard so that you easy apply more effect on the Keyboard in your S8.

How To Install A New Keyboard On Galaxy S8

Is all bout changing the Keyboard from it formal one to a new downloaded one.Meanwhile is suggest again that you show download the Gboard Keyboard from Play Store and once you have then follow the step below to Change your Keyboard.

From the Notification bar to the gear shaped settings button,Tap it and still scroll down to the General Management select the Language and Input and from there you can still select the On-Screen Keyboard and tap Manage Keyboard.From there you should see the install Keyboard may be you install the Gborad Keyboard,you will see it there and then turn it on while you also turn the Samsung Keyboard off.

On screen keyboard

Editors Note:Please before you follow up this step above,please make sure you have install the preferred Keyboard app in your Samsung and i give an example with the Gboard Keyboard and you can get it from Google Play Store.

How To Change The Keyboard Background

One of the most popular things to do with a keyboard is changing the background. Sadly, Samsung no longer offers this. As a result, download Gboard from our instructions earlier. Once you do, follow the steps to change your keyboard, then keep reading to add a new background color. Basically, you go to the same Settings > General Management > Language > Keyboard > and choose your new keyboard from the list. Tap on-screen keyboard, and customize it using whatever options that are available to you. We’re using Gboard themes in our screenshots on the Galaxy S8.
Gboard Keyboard settings
So That's it all on how you can Customize and Beautify the Galaxy S8 Keyboard.Share this post across to friends if only helps but skip it if it doesn't helps.Thanks.

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