How To Manage or Delete Your saved Google Password

Just we once we show you all on have to clear your data on google that's one of the last update we have published on Logs.So Today let me drag more attention on how to do that again.Am writing this post following the report that came across last few days where most of you don't understand how to clear data on google specially if you are making use Chrome.Also note that after reading this post and still confuse on what to please don't hesitate to use the comment section here on Logs.

Again,i think that if you ARE making Chrome as one of your best browser which you normally use in browsing the internet,also note that your data is always saved by google and you might want to clear your data many be you want sale off your Galaxy S7 or something else this is where this solution comes in.

Just briefly Links will be showing you a tips/tutorial on how to clear,delete or let me call it format password in Google Chrome.I don't know why you are reading this but if you are reading it to grab a solution below is how to solve what you are looking for.

How To Delete Google Password On Chrome Browser

Now before i proceed of showing you more method,let me first show you how you can view all your saved password in google from any smart device which you have make use of.Is very simple because here you don't need to worry about the Chrome or whatever so don't be that astonished if i said so because you can still make use of another browser like Opera Mini or preferred browser.Just use any of the browser and go to the address bar and type in this address if possible you can follow the link above after reading the post.

Note Also that you have to make sure the browser has been used in signing to any google account.So,as the link open you will be asked to enter your credential to the provided space like where you will enter your email address and the second is where you will be typing in your password just as usual.see blow
How to get your password
Although you will be asked to enter your password so that you be logged in.You have to enter it and even if you already signed in before with the same device yet you are being asked to enter your password,yes because google want to verify if you are truly the owner.Now enter it and login and you are logged in,look at the top where you can enable and disable smart lock Just for password and Auto sign in.
how to get your password from google
Now you can also scroll down to see your previous password and there is you can make a change or manage your password.You can also delete the password if you want or change it also.If you want to see other places in the net where you have saved your password places like website,just scroll down again you will see it.You can delete it if you want also.So that's it all,share this post with share button below if only it helps or skip it if it doesn't,thanks. 

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