Apple Announced Red iPhone 8 Coming this Week ?

What's new with Apple,well will sound great if iPhone users will continue to make a new experience with the OS because they are the most smart phone users that thinks they own it all without considering other ones.

I don't actually know you would like to see a new brand of iPhone 8 this week as it was rumoured that iPhone 8 on Red color will hit this week.However,the apple was said to surface to day being April 9 and am not that exact sure about this because according to Bloomberg's who normally gave use a good feedback post on twitter about the arrival of a new iPhone 8 OS with a red color.

iPhone 8 red

He never said the specific day or time but just believe that iPhone 8 is coming this week.Mac also report that iPhone 8 is coming on Red but what day will it hit the store.Well it will be a good moment if only the report is coming to pass.

According to more source linked to us,Apple has announced and also told how the iPhone 8 looks after the Red color heard.The iPhone 8 and the 8 plus are all the same with and if the Red iPhone are all the same.While as we said this week source reveal that the Red iPhone 8 is coming tomorrow and if that's the case let's wait for it

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