Another Alternative on How To Send Fax Online With MetroFax

Sending Fax Online is not easy to those who are new but is very easy if you will follow this simple step am about to show you.Fax can't be abandon even this modern world today meanwhile Fax can be regarded as the best and easiest way on how you can send files to someone for a check up or signing of DOC.

 I don't know how you send yours but i am going to show you in this post on Logs is that simple way to send it online without looking for machine.If you have another way to send fax you also use the comment box below to let us know.

Before i will start in some few details,i like to let you all know that send Fax online is very simple and all you to get your phone,windows or anything that can access the web.However,i will be showing you all how you can use MetroFax to send fax online and i think that's one of the best service you can use in sending fax just from the web.
how to use metrofax
So here we start with the first thing you are going to is the web address just visit the it and sign up.Now once you have sign up with them the next thing to do is to look were is says send fax and once you see it just tap or click on it and there should be a pop up where you are going to put in your personal details.

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So in the next step,you should in put the information and also your country,Name,and Fax Number also.Who is receiving the fax or you can also select from the drop down menu just to import contact from Yahoo,Gmail or any other email services.But also Note that you are allowed to import about 50 contact as a mail which is the limit and you send them at once.

 Metrofax sending

The Next Step that's where you are going to make changes like customizing the cover page of another thing you would like to do.Just Scroll down and make changes that will suit you.Why i like MetroFax is because you also customize Page you want.After you can input your subject as you normally do when sending email to someone.After that the next thing is add the file you are sending to your recipient and you do thing by using the standard fill Choosing dialog.

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Another thing you need to know or consider is the size of the file although i know MetroFax has that limit of file size to be uploaded.After you have upload the file you can also Remove it if you want because it also allow that feature.Not all files are allowed but you can upload files like Excel,Microsoft Word,the PowerPoint,PDF of Adobe,text and also Rich Format Text.

I guess you are done for those steps mentioned above so what next.The next thing you will do is hit where it says send Fax That's it.Share this if only it helps or leave it if it doesn't.

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