Alternative Ways to Cancel an iOS App Subscription on Your iPhone

They suck it like water,i mean the the iOS apps.iPhone is a well known smart device which everyone dream to use even the youthful always worry mom and dad for iPhone.But there's this thing that normally get me kicked out anytime i want to by a new iPhone.The Apps and it subscription keep sucking my data/subscription like when Android Oreo is draining its battery.

Previously on LinksLogs,Links suggest a special way to manage your Facebook privacy from getting hacked from hacker so you can as well check it out for good.Today being 21 of April let me share with you on how you can Cancel an iOS app subscription on your iPhone device.

Now i let start with actually brought you here i let me start with fast and quick method on how you can handle this Topic in the heading.You remember that any time you subscribe for something via iTunes they will send you a verification or let me assume that you have subscribe for an App through iTunes store.They will email you a message for verification and the next thing you should do is to scroll down to see link that will redirect you to iTunes Store site just for you to verify the subscription or decline the subscription if you want.

iPhone subscription confirmation
Now as you scroll down you will see where is says learn more or cancel and there should be a link there where you will tap and then you will be redirect to iTunes store where you can manage the subscription.
iPhone subscription review
Now once you have redirected to the site you will then know what to do on iOS subscription if you like you can cancel it or make changes if you want.If you normally delete massage that you think not worth to you yet you want to cancel the iPhone subscription and they email Apple sent for you has been deleted.There's still another way you can get to your changes like heading to the Apple store app in your iPhone Menu.
iPhone Menu
Just look for the Apple Store App in the Menu and then lunch it by tapping it as show above in the photo marked with red.Now once the app lunched,you will see a Bold heading written Today just on the top and by the right hand side you will see your photo which is your profile photo.Note also that you need to make sure you have account with apple because if you are using apple apple like Apple store you need to have account with them although you must have.
apple user account page
Now you need to tap the photo at the right hand corner immediately it will take you to your Apple account page as you can see above.So the next the after the above step is to tap on your name and at this time you might be asked to enter your id and then you enter it to continue,just for security if you are using fingerprint for your id you also use for to login to the next page.

Now you have entered your details as prompted the next page you will enter,you will scroll down where it says subscriptions and then tap it.The next page which you entered through subscription,there you will see the running subscriptions and also see the expired ones.Now you have to make an option by selecting the one you want to manage.Tap any of them and then you can cancel if you want to stop the subscription and you will also confirm show below.
apple subscriptions confirmation
So that's it all but still have another way to get this subscription cancel but is from the settings.Just tap on your name at the top of the main Settings screen, and on the ensuing screen, select iTunes & App Store.The page that pops up will look a lot like the Account Settings page in Step 4 up above. Select that Subscriptions option, and follow steps 5 and 6 to manage whichever subscription you wish.
apple id iTunes and app stores
Me, I prefer going through the App Store app, as it feels more direct, but it's nice to know there are multiple ways to keep your subscriptions in order.Hope this worth sharing to those who need this help and if this helps you can use the share button above or below to share it across or skip it if worth nothing.thanks.

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