Alternative way to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

This post will show you how you can delete your Facebook account with the intent you ever had.I don't blame some people who are have a rethink of their personal lives,following this social media.Facebook is a great Social account but sometime people see some nasty that will make them to ditch out this online media.Deleting your Facebook account is not easy and also is not that hard to take the step upon your action.

They wanna have a full control of their private and lives (people).As many out seem been cheated after some account has been hacked of hearing an awful news about how people are been taken down as a result of money fraud stars,personating to be a real person yet that's looks like a hacker or a money fraud star.Well i don't know the reason why many are busy try to get their Facebook account completely deleted about if you are reading this post to know how or take a private action on your Facebook account,please make sure you are having a good reason to do so else you might regrate this.
Delete Facebook Account Permanently
Previously on LinkLogs,We talked about Facebook with a different perspective about the new features and what you can do with your Facebook Messenger,yeah about five good things where mentioned the previous post.Today let me show you how you can delete your Facebook account if only you want to.So i start,

Get All Save Data From Facebook

Deleting your Facebook is not easy if you are that type that normally cares about your personal data.Deleting Facebook will make you to backup or start backing up your saved data on your account and if you have a lot of photos and videos i think you need to start backing them up with your external hard drive.May be you download from Facebook to your Computer or any drive you like.You might also like to learn how to backup your files or data.

So the only think you will start doing right away is to login to your Facebook account and start to download your photos,video s and lot more from Facebook.Remember,why am suggesting this is for you to make you to make sure you get all your files out from Facebook before you can head over in deleting the account.

Deleting Wanted Post,Photos & Videos On Facebook

Probably you have saved a lot of photos and Videos by yourself and yet there's still photos and video left in your account which you don't want to download.Well i suggest that you should delete them by yourself without Facebook itself because once you delete your account it will only takes up to 90 days for Facebook to wipe off your data so i suggest you should delete those photos and videos you left.As some people want to take control of their personal profile on Facebook,that's how some also want to take control of their data from google also.You Might like to read Simple Way To see and Delete Your Data From Google.

If you are having a lot of photos and videos which you don't want to download as a backup,you can also use Chrome plugin to delete them just to get your action very fast.Chrome have this socail media plugin which can help you to delete multiple post on Facebook.Back up your data using the instructions above, then install the plugin, navigate to your Facebook Activity Log and choose a specific filter (such as 'posts you're tagged in').
simple way to delete Facebook
Now the next thing you should do is to click the social media book manger and then search for that post you want to delete.As you search for the post you want,there might be lot of highlight following the keyword you search for.Among those search,you will see the exact post you are looking for and then delete them.If the most are many you can also select them and delete them at once.The above photo shows the action for confirmation on the chrome Plugin and once you select the post you are about to delete the pop up will appear asking you to enter your password to continue and once you do it the post will be deleted without getting it back again.You Might also like to Read How to Browse Fast on Chrome.

How You Can Delete Facebook After Backing Up Data/Files

The the above steps has been taken and the next thing is to delete the Facebook account you want.Just very simply by visiting the Facebook’s account deletion page ( and then delete the account.Remember as i said,it will take up to 90 days for your account to be deleted.So That's it all.Share this post with the share button above if it helps,skip it if it doesn't.

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