5 Amazing Features on Facebook Messenger You Need to Know

All use Facebook for real but there's more things you need to know about Facebook Messenger.As Facebook continue to upgrade to their new version their messenger we also expect the pretty and cool features.In fact the new Facebook messenger will all ways makes your chat more lively and today i will like to share more about the Facebook features

There's many of them online but let me share the most amazing and funnest features you need to know at about five of them can make chatting day more interesting.so feel relax to read through this post to know more about your Facebook messenger which you are currently making use of in chatting up your friends and love ones.
5 Amazing Features on Facebook Messenger
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So let me share with you all what I just recently notice about Facebook Messenger.Although am not new to Facebook messenger but following the new features that was introduce by Facebook I think that worth sharing with you all our readers on Logs.About five 5 most useful feature am going to share and it comes from Facebook platform.

Sending A File

Hope that's old method but let me tell you that most of the Facebook users has gave that testimony about how this help them.sending a files via Facebook is one of the easiest way you can get connected to your friends on Facebook.Remember you only send file through the Facebook messenger and it allows you to send more files.Some users told us that you can send files like music and more but the only I just try is send photos via messenger.

airdrop wiFi and Bluetooth
You can send 360 Degree photos on Facebook.yeah it worked now I also believe that possible because it works.So if you want to send photos,you can also send 360 degree photos as well.May be you just did a panorama shot with your device (also known as a 360 degree panorama photo), you can upload it to Facebook Messenger. It will then enable the contact you send it to to tilt their phone and see the entire photo.

Creating Your Own Funny Photos

When using Messenger to edit photo with filters and lot,it looks like you are making use of installed app to enhance your photo.With Facebook Messenger you add filters which will always seem to be like when you edit your photos using Photoshop for Mobile. So you wanna look like a star war art or you want to look like  a wizard, a devil, and much more,messenger can make you for just when using it and this is one of the feature you need to know about the Messenger.
messenger photo filter

groovypost photo

To edit a photo during a conversation with someone,the only thing you should do is to open a new conversation with your friend and then tap the icon through the button.Or go to the main contact list screen and tap the camera icon in the middle.As you can see above.

Small circles called filters will appear on the screen together with your face.now you can choose one filter and see how it fits your face.You can also replace the filter by shifting or swiping through the filters below.If your is good,you can send it to your contact or even post it online.

Play Games

This sounds funny but that's another way of making Fun with your friends on Facebook.Well ,you don't have don't have to think more about this or start to wonder how the ball is being play.To play Game on Facebook Messenger,games like basketball.
facebook messenger basketball game
Just start by sending the emoji to your friend or the contact you want just throw the ball and get many hoops as possible. It gets harder as you go with the hoop weaving back and forth, faster and faster. My record is 21.

Use Facebook To Send Money

Wonder how you can send money to your friends on Facebook.You want to send money to someone you have to check if your Facebook Messenger have that feature.Yes with the Facebook Messenger,you can send money off to any location as if only your credit card is Master Card visa but I don't think of verve but you can use Verve around your location.

Facebook Messenger  invoice payment

If you’re doing it for the first time, make sure you have connected your debit card to your Messenger profile. Then enter the amount and tap Send.The person you’re sending it to should also have their debit card attached and the money goes straight into their bank account.

You Can Use Messenger Standalone Site Or App
Many people have not known that there is a standalone app for messenger.The messenger app gives users the opportunity to chart without scrolling while chatting on the messenger app.The messenger has been used and maintained by Facebook. There are some  features messenger app has but not available on the the desktop version such as encryption etc...Share this.

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