Major Reasons to Buy Xbox Live Gold & Reasons Not To

Is all about gaming and one of the most mistake you can make when buying Xbox live Gold is when you don't even know why you are buying it.Please is very important to note that you must know why you need this at least have a strong reasons you are purchasing the Xbox live God to your domain or for someone.

By now you should know how to make use of Samsung Galaxy S9 night mode filter as we updated here on longs but let's look into a new Topic about Xbox live Gold.For a well gamer he/she will likely to understand why to buy this Xbox but if you are still meditating on option yet not having a tangible reason i will just give you a clue of what to know about.

one thing in common in Xbox and Xbox live Gold is this,Xbox is free while the Gold Xbox is not free and if you need to play a multi you will need to upgrade to Xbox Gold if at all you are making use of the Xbox.

xbox live gold call of duty multiplayer

There's great things in Xbox Gold and you will only have access to most of the if only you will pay.Post online made me to know that the subscription can cost you about $9.99 just for some months i think about three months.Meanwhile,if you dream of the entire year you are to spend about $59.99 in a year.

So if you really want to continue with the Xbox that means you are ready to bring out some cash from your pocked or budgeting more in Xbox game.However,below option is the major reason you should consider if only you want to buy this Xbox Gold.

Advantages Of  Gold Live Gold Xbox

  • With Live Gold Xbox,you are assured of Multiplayer
  • You can get free game on Live Gold Xbox
  • People buy Xbox Live Gold for  Discount
  • With Xbox Live Gold,you can experience a better community 

Disadvantages Of Xbox Live Gold 

  • Please even buy this guy if you don't Like playing Multiplayer games
  • Trading of Game is bad,So don't buy Xbox Live Gold if you normally do so
  • I know as a gamer you will always like the best deal but i suggest that you don't buy Xbox Live Gold because of it best.
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