Good News: Unlocked Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will get Oreo in 2-3 weeks

Don't be surprise that all the Android devices are now looking up to Android Oreo Platform.But have you ever ask yourself that company that's making Android Oreo to look more substantial. I think Samsung has being one of this companies and even the Galaxy S8 has emerged with some good features of this Android Oreo.

As Galaxy S9 continue to unveil more features,it seem that the Note 8 users are left behind due to the lack of update.But today on Logs,Links is telling you all Note 8 users and S8 users that one of the good news about Samsung is that Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will get Oreo in 2-3 weeks.As i share previously about Galaxy S9 Camera features that's how i will soon share with you all as soon as the update is available.

Android Oreo update on S8 and Note 8

As we continue to get more info about the latest release of any kinds that's how we also peek on Samsung and few hours back is when a notice show up from the company's forum (Samsung) where one of the staff told us that the Unlocked Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will get Oreo. Probably,if you are currently under this update of Android Oreo to any of this devices,you still have hope as the company has promise to do better.

We understand that many of you have Unlocked Galaxy S8/+ and Note 8 devices and may be wondering why those with Carrier models are seeing the updates first. The reason for this is that Unlocked devices must go through more rigorous testing than Carrier-specific devices because we need to make sure there is proper network functionality across ALL supported networks. (Ex. Carrier-specific devices are made to handle that one network. Unlocked devices need to be able to handle ANY / ALL compatible networks. Thus, they require some more preparation.)
as said by Samsung staff.

As a someone who own Galaxy S8 or Note 8 i think you all can't wait to see the weeks stay more fa but you all will still expect it as an anticipating.Wait or No wait we fully agree that the Update is coming with it full force to benefit the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.So that's it all for now and share this post across with the share button below if only is informative but leave if it doesn't please.

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