Simple Way To see and Delete Your Data From Google

For all daily activities there is this search engines and social media that know us more than how we might know ourselves. Facebook,Instagram,Twitter Google and lot more know us more than we know someone else.Google a world search engine that focus on self data of a human.Google is not only a search engine but they are spy that can see all about you and what you are doing online just like when you are using your Facebook account.

As you are on this page google monitors your activities and what exactly you are doing on thing page why because they have your crucial data starting the time you create that word called Gmail.Google use Gmail address to up hold personal data of you once you create account with they.Although there's nothing bad but what if you decide to take a break with google by looking forward to know what they are doing with your data or may be you want those data to be deleted because you don't need them again.

Well,Links is here again on Logs to share more vital information about your security and something about google you need to know.Note that this post followed up after i published about Galaxy Note 8 and S8 to have Oreo update in the 2-3 weeks.So let me share a new topic that you might find more interesting after reading.We all do know that google is the best Search Engine in the world and they keep encrypting the important thing of your whereabouts.

In this post you should be able to know how to see your data or trying deleting them or editing if only you want make some changes on the base.Follow up this steps below to know about yourself with google and more of your data.Google is an online storage as for drive,they are also capable to carry your data online but you don't have to be scared about it because they are there for you.Below is how we start

Your Location is One Of Google Tracking Key

You know what location means and what is use for.Google as a white hat track you in any activities you are into and location maps can be seen in phones windows iOS and lot more.some times google can track you without the identification of Email address which is the Gmail.Google Map timeline in your phone is one of the tracking app or software which can easily your information on google.

google map

If you open your location history map,the only thing you are going to see are the things which you already came across before and those are your previous and recent activities you have entered your phone on any smart device.Meanwhile,if you want google to stop tracking your personal data you can go to the Activities control location in the site map.There you will see entries and also turn the entire history off.

Google has some influence on Android device and most of the date store on Android are always picked by google.For iPhone users,not that much,google do ignore some necessary information just unlike the Android Phone.

How Google Track and Save Your Date Through Search

This is another way which google keep using in getting more information about what you are doing online.Note any single keyword in enter through google search the keep work will be save automatically should in case you look for it some other time.In Mycativity on your google account that's where you will see what am talking about.If you want to clear the whole entry you also click on the three little dot via the upper right hand side of an entry.Once you get there,options are there for you to action.

how to see your data on google

Voice and Audio 

My activities is powerful tool that google use in getting our data.Is the control panel and one you sign in with your gmail account you will then start see more tools which google use in saving your data.Voice and Audio and other google use to track your data.You know about OK Google once you said that to most android device that's linked up with gmail,it will trigger and follow up what you are saying.You can turn off this in myactivity once you are signed to you gmail account.

How Google Track You Through Chrome 

I guess that one of your best browser is google Chrome browser.Well they own the browser so you ought to know that everything about you all is store in the database.Google save any web page you visit.To see or manage those pages you still refer to myactivitity from the three dot and then you can remove the pages which you don't want.

How Google Track You on Youtub

Google is wide company/search engine that's taking most of the internet.They can also track you video clip which you watch on youtube because they own that service also.You might be wondering how just this is how.Just visit myactivity or you can check that here and once it opens just click on the three dot to review or delete it if you want.

Google Follows You On App

Very interesting,you remember the last time you download on play store or shared something through xender or Flash Share.All those apps are google apps and any details enters in the app will be synchronize by google to save data just like when you install Facebook,WhatsApp,Pes and lot more of this app.

Every Detail Advertisers Buy About You

Ever wonder why you see the ads you see? Click here to see the topics that Google tells advertisers that you like. Some of mine are accurate, such as Professional Wrestling and Mac OS. Others, such as Parenting and Classical Music, are laughably incorrect. Click X to remove an item from the list.

Download All Of It

We all also know that google stores our data, and as for me i guess you might want a copy of that database. Google will allow you to download your dossier and gives you options for which apps you'd rather not be included, as its records move across everything from Google Photos to Google Drive to Hangouts. To get it all, or just some of it (you can select which categories of data you want), simply go to the Google Takeout this is what i have for you all right now,Share this post with the share button below only it helps but if it doesn't kindly skip it.

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