Simple & Interesting Features of Android Oreo 8.0 You Must Know

Last Year is when we started to experience some great news about this Android device and the fact is that not everybody that much familiar with this latest released — Android 8.0 Oreo 
,As for those who are sucking this device in that cool manner today on logs you will be able to grab more features about Android Oreo 8.0.Links has once Published a post of of how to stop Android Oreo battery Draining.

Yeah a lot of complain continue to roll out until google itself safely gave out another options on how to stop Android Oreo 8.0 Battery at least one the post has shown who to stop that.While we solve that or if you are still encountering that problem about how your Android suck off your battery,i suggest you should read the post on continue below to the new features of Android Oreo 8.0.
Simple & Interesting Features of Android Oreo 8.0 You Must Know

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This time around many of the smart devices are seriously getting involved with the latest in town which is Android Oreo 8.0.On November i bought on the Samsung Oreo 8.0 just after it was made official same last year August.You should Note also that most of the Samsung smart phones are now being install with Android Oreo 8.0 of course phones like Galaxy S9 and S9+ can be an example.

Note that not all device have receive this Oreo 8.0 but phones like HTC U Ultra and HTC 10. Sony will feature the latest OS version in Xperia X; Xperia X Performance; Xperia X Compact; Xperia XZ; Xperia XZs; Xperia XZ Premium; Xperia XA1; Xperia XA1 Plus; Xperia XA1 Ultra and Xperia Touch will also receive any moment.

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You can't wait to start enjoying this Oreo and to make the new more interesting am going to show you about five 5 simple and interesting features of Android Oreo 8.0 which you will like to know specially if you are already use one of the device like Samsung or any other Android.The Features below are working as expected and have not received any bad report about it so the first feature is the settings Menu.

High Improved Settings Menu.
You will like this device with this google high definition Menu Setting.Google will always promise user of new tips and new features just they did in most of the problems which Android Oreo was facing then.Some Features which makes the Oreo more interesting in the Settings Menu are dark grey in color in a 100% white background. Surprisingly, this feature of Android Nougat, side navigation menu, has been dumped. Instead of this, all the different menus have now been rearranged in Android 8.0, making the settings area as straightforward and simple as feasible.

There's A Limit Background Process Added
As i have discussed in one of the post on this blog,Android Oreo has a lot of features such that the background process can be control.Background process is one of the things that keep draining the battery power and you have no idea about you might be wondering why your battery getting exhausted in power.In Android Oreo you don't need to worry because it was developed with a effective performance that trash down unwanted system performance.Android 8.0 Oreo developers have to employ more specific signal receivers as well as the job scheduler, which makes sure mobile phones applications running in the background spring back to life more efficiently to carry out processes.

Phone Booting
You what this means here.Booting is some every user on any OS want to see in that express method.each and everyone one of us using Phones either Samsung,Tecno,HTC even iOS and windows wants this fast Boot.We most time consider Booting anytime we are choosing to any Operating System OS which is pretty cool.With Android Oreo,you are covered when it comes to Booting.Even when the Oreo 8.0 affect by virus it will still Boot fast unlike Android 7.0.

Picture-in Picture (PiP) Video
According to post online,(this feature, which has taken multitasking to a whole new level, allows users view and interact with several Android applications at once. PiP lets you minimize any video you are viewing and drag it around to a desired part of your screen and you can even use another app simultaneously. The picture-in-picture feature is comparable with a YouTube option allowing you minimize or drag a video you are playing to a corner on your device screen and searching for another video simultaneously. This feature is arguably the most interesting changes in Android 8.0 Oreo.)

Self Security Interface 
Android Oreo 8.0 might be the first Android device that has some great features which other device don't normally show up with.The Oreo 8.0 has a programmed interface which we called API which stands for Autofill Application Programming Interface.Now what's the Work of the API in Android Oreo.Is a manager that provides password and also improve effective access in login box and some other  input sections for apps.This is because autofill allows users log into their favorite applications at a blistering speed as it remembers their login details, having got approval from them.

Conclusion,Links want to let you all know that Android 8.0 Oreo update is out for Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+Oreo so wait for it.Share this post.

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