Samsung’s Always-On Display can now show GIFs on Galaxy S8 / S8+, Note 8

Ok,but we are not only talking about galaxy s9 of Course if you own S8,+ and 9 can also get this new feature of always on display.Samsung see the only one with the hightest awareness of their new product.Any single updates is always makes that convey in the market.Just Like Galaxy S9 with a lot of feature an we have talked about that here on logs.

The camera with a new enhancement,the blue light filter and lot more of Galaxy S9 continue to leap out its best.In our previous update,we published a post on how to improve the Battery life of Galaxy S8 and all those features are the goodness of Samsung in the market today.As someone who just purchased a new brand in market or from online shopping might not acknowledge more about Samsung new features.

Thanks you bought a new Samsung device that rage itself from S8-S9.All you need to know now is that you have been granted about a full % of personalizing a lot of option with the device you bought.So what's Links Talking about here,simply and comment on the Always-On Display.According to Android Police,you can now personalize the Always-On Display option such that if your screen Samsung device is asleep the Always-On Display will still continue to show GIFs.

galaxy GIFs on Galaxy S8 / S8+, Note 8
If you know what GIFS is all about is Graphics Interchange Format and it show anytime your phone is locked.If you can Recall the time Nokia is still pull weight in the tech generational,they apply GIFs on the screen such that when the screen goes of the always -on screen with show up.Well,Samsung has developed it for their smartphone users.The GIFs is shown as  the time, your notifications, remaining battery percentage, and other critical info. Users can change the colors, clock style, and other aspects of the AOD to make it feel a little more customized to their own liking.

Is very pretty that Samsung has enable this good feature to their new release of their Smartphone.Please Note that the GIFs can only work on S8-S9 Galaxy and if you are making use of S8 this wont work for you.

To get the GIF option, just make sure you’ve updated Always-On Display to the current version, which as of right now is GIFs work on the Galaxy S8 / S8+, Note 8, and I’d imagine very soon the S9 and S9+.

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