How to Share Live Location on iPhone with WhatsApp,iMessage

Do you Konw that that's a very simple way by which you can share your live location.if you have no idea today am going to show you the best method of share your live location just with your iPhone with the messaging app which you are making use of in your cell phone.Previously on Logs we talked about features of New Android Oreo 8.0 and now let's look in to live location with iPhone.There has been a reason why you want to take this option and to make it very simple for you i think your iPhone will surely help you indeed.

Many are not making use of there iPhone for some specific purpose while some use it for only shot and visule. That also good though,but i think know more about your iPhone worth great and this time knowing how to share live location with the iOS you are using might worth everything to you and that's why am introducing a new idea of iMessage app.
How to Share Live Location on iPhone with WhatsApp,iMessage

iMessage Live Location Sharing

This is an app that normally wish you to use it. iMessage app is not that new to iPhone users because it do come with the iOS device and if you are new to iPhone you should listen and know how you can share A Real-Time Location with this in built app.To get things started look for the app in the menu and run it as usual.Try to start a conversion with and recipient and watch by the right hand side of your iPhone and you will see something like 'i' and just tap on it.Now after taping the i,you should be able to see options that says send my location or share my location.Share My Location will enable to share the live mobile location for a specified period. You can set this time limit on next screen for One Hour, or Until End of Day, etc.
share location on imessage
Please also note that if you want to share your location with your iPhone,you should give permission to your iPhone that it will work.We selected here to share live location on iPhone for one hour and you see the time left on the screen below and the person you are sharing the location. If you go back to your message window, you can see confirmation about sharing the real-time location with message app on iPhone.

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In some more cases,you can still stop the iMassage from sharing to that particular contact which you having conversation with.I suggest that you do this immediately you are doing with the location sharing so that you can serve power (Battery) .To stop it just navigate to that I and tap on Stop Sharing My Location.

How to Share Live Location With WhatsApp

This Days now whatsapp is catch peoples mind with a there a new features.we once heard about Whatsapp Business App and the app is seriously making that good impact in the business environment.You can't just use that app for chatting or for business but along the line you can also use whatsapp for sharing your location to your friends.

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Whatsapp is not missing on iPhone or Android,both support the platform so you can still use whatapps to share your location on Android and iPhone.To start, open the message app and select the contact you want to share real-time location. From message window, tap on “+” sign and choose the Location of the next screen.
How to Share Live Location on iPhone with WhatsApp,iMessage
WhatsApp also needs access to iPhone location for live location sharing. Now go to setting and select provide location access to Always. Live location sharing required access Always instead of While Using. Once you permit WhatsApp to access your location Always, come back to the WhatsApp Screen.

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