How to Fix PlayStation Controller Jitters,Best Ways

Ok let's talk about this again after we discussed on how you can eject dick from your PlayStation 4 also.For some times now many are now able to know the power control of PlayStation 4 although we published that post because the widespread complain which most of our readers is looking for how to solve that.if you still want to read more about you can also check it out with it Topic 'Simple Way On How to Eject disk from your PlayStation 4'.

Today on Logs,am going to show you how you can maintain your controller which you use in sucking most of interesting games on PlayStation 4.Most times we find it that difficult in playing with controller base on the in ability of the pad to function well.Again i want to use this medium to tell you all who like playing that you ought to handle your Controller because it get's faulty because of you yon handle of course are electronic.

how to clean playStation Controller
So today you will learn how to fix Controller Jitters,yeah that the main hot topic about this post.You know the only problem that's commonly comes with PlayStation 4 is this Controller Jitters.Meanwhile you will try to get things when this problem develops You will push the stick forward and rather than seeing smooth movement on the screen you will see movement that starts and stops with no seeming rhyme or reason.

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Links has a bit for you to solve this common problem of yours with the PlayStation 4,Remember you have to follow i directed below to make it a convey.

Cleaning Up The Spring For Good.

You really want to get it ride,now the only problem i once face during my own issue with Controller Jitters is the Spring area.You might forgotten that you will need to clean up this areas at least 5 days in a week.Is that recommendable that you do this within the period of days before heading over to the upper week.Now what will you do,ok i will tell you the solution on how you can clean out dusts and other nasty things that have stock area the spring area of the Controller Jitters.

A post online has made me to know that there's a real deal you can take in cleaning the Controller Jitters.Now,researched it and finally got one for you. thing you can do is buy a can of compressed air. Compressed are is clean and dry and will not leave moisture residue on your electronics. You can pick up a two pack of canned air at Amazon for $15.

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Amazon is where you can buy this and i once recommended you to get your Alexa App.over there just for setting up voice profile.

Change Parts 

About three ways you can manage your Controller Jitters  is here on Logs and one them after the cleaning of the Spring area is to replace parts that are needed to.Well the method is just an alternative way to free the troubling Controller Jitters  and you can only apply this if the first method i mentioned above (Cleaning Up The Spring Area) didn't work with compressed air. If you are a regular and active gamer or if you have a super strong thumb, you could have managed to wear out the electrical connections.

 If you really don't want to buy a whole new controller, then you could try your hand at replacing your sticks. It will take some soldering skills and will most certainly void any warranty. However, if you have had your controllers a long time it might be worth the risk and the $7 it costs to pick up replacement parts on Amazon.

Budget or Get One

Well this shouldn't awful but that's the fact because after trying all those method which i used on my PlayStation Controller,i thing you need to Budget or try buy new one immediately.Some one has already told me to use soft brush and freeze dust in all parts of my controller but it didn't work until use compressed air in doing so.

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Perhaps you can use this as an opportunity to get yourself a brand new controller. Maybe something a little flashier? Something that's a symbol of your individuality and your belief in personal freedom. There are tons of different controller styles out there and you can pick one up for about $60

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