How to Change the Galaxy S9 Text Message App

Still talking about Galaxy S9.The rate or demand of this smart phone is highly getting sucked because people needs this S9.In the competitive market today we all still argue that Samsung phones and iPhone are still clanging and clashing with best in the market today.However,both are still making they ways to their customers.

Galaxy S9 which you are using today might be some how confusing just because you are new to the smart phone.I also see many disliking the text message app that comes along with the device although not many has complain about this but main looking at what the case may be,some are desperately looking for a way to Change the follow com Text Message App in GALAXY s9.

galaxy note 8 and S8 are getting  Oreo in the upcoming 2-3 weeks as we updated but  is Samsung working on the  text message app because as for me i don't think that's something wrong with the inbuilt text message app rather i see others complaining about it. Third part of a brand will continue to make ways and as for the message app in Galaxy as 8S9 you can still make a Change if only you want.

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So if you are still looking for a way to get the inbuilt one change i think am going to show you how to do that and after reading this post here on logs you can be able to take advantage of your change in the Galaxy S9 text message app.There are many of this text message app in the play store which can help you to do more with your text message.

Let me show you all how to change the S9 text message app if only again you don't like the inbuilt is very simple and all you need here is to download the similar app from google play store to get it started.You downloading the app from play store doesn't means you removing the formal on in the phone but you downloading the text message app in your S9 just the set it as a default.

Set a default simply means that the application will be used in any activities and once you install the T.M.A in the device the next thing here is to make the app a default although am going to show you how to do it.Play store is a market place for android devices and you have that %100 percent look for apps in the store which you will install in your phone.

Setting/Changing the S9 Text Message App

Here we are to what we are look for and guess what,well the play store is needed now.Just look for google play store from the Menu and once you see it run or tap on it to open.Once it open make a research by entering text message app in the search box above the screen of your phone and press go or enter.Just wait and there will be a many apps that work exactly as text message app but as for i normally use Textra as the one i want.

So you can also download any other one from the search list.Once you download it,just follow the below method to set the text message app you download as a default message app for your device.

How To Download Text Message App

  • You have download it from the play store now..
  • Go through the settings or drop down the notification bar and tap on the gear-shaped button
  • Once it takes you to another screen face there you will App or Application
  • Tap on the 3-Dot which is Menu button by the right haand side and there you will set the app as default
  • Now tap the Message app and select which app you want to make default
How to change S9 message app
As you can see it that's very easy to change and most time why people change this or why we like to use the third part app in our device is because it features or how customize and it effective to do things the way we like.Sometime also we install third part app because the inbuilt one can give us the exact that we seek for but keep pop up problem although i have not encounter that with the Galaxy S9.

One of the things you will like with the install app is that all information in the previous app i mean the inbuilt text message app will be move immediately you set the installed app as a default text message for your phone.Why i like it is that the app will also give you more what the inbuilt can give you in function because it was programed to the test of users choice.This has helps many people for customizing there phone i think it helps also.Share this if it helps while it doesn't please skip. 

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