New Camera Features,Tips & Tricks in Galaxy S9

Can you leave iPhone for Smasung Galazy S9.Since last year Galaxy S9 has been this smart phone which has the high influence to people and a lot of ideas has come up online about this same phone.If you are using iPhone or any other device there's a big chance for you to use the released Samsung phone which is this S9.So in this post am lot going to show you only new improvement on Galaxy S9 but at the same time am going to show you more about S9 camera tricks and tips.

New and advance improvement has emerge with this share device and the funnest thing here is that both the hardware and the software are now working together to make a good and effective productive work when ever you try to use S9 camera.Much are added and more experience should be impact.Just like the Blue light on S9,there we explain how to quickly enable and disable the night Mode filter in a very simple way.

However,Links is here today once again on Logs to show you more acknowledgement about Galaxy S9 features and tips you should know about the camera.Remember that Samsung is working hard to make high substantial to their products and if that's the case that means they are ready to doing anything possible to archive their goals in in competitive market.Take some chance to read up this new features of Galaxy S9 new experience on camera focus and below it starts.

galaxy s9 camera mode
Simple Change Method Mode

Yeah,this is very simple in taking more action.Remember that most of the android device are normally apply some functions but before you can make a set of on them you must go to menu just to apply some feature like apply the colour style or making a different way you want.But Galaxy S9 has made some changes to be more unique specially if you are taking a shot with the smart device.Do you want to take a shot with your Galaxy S9 at the same time you want to make some changes,the only you can do without follow the menu side is that you will just run the camera app and slide left or right to see more functions which you can apply before making us of the camera.

Galaxy S9 Is Perfect With Low - Capture

You don't need to worry any longer because if you wonder how you can get a clean shot while trying to capture unclear environment.Galaxy S9 is here for you this is one of the best of this device because it's focus is highly concentrated on capturing things even if the location you are is unclear Galaxy S9 can do more for you by dragging the object more closer and also in easy capturing.Meanwhile this Galaxy S9 or S9+ can actually do something by capturing things the way it will definitely interest you.

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In Galaxy S9,there's a special feature for users which will enable them to do more pro action in Galaxy S9.With the pro mode you are sure to make/take a good shot with your device S9 and for you to switch over to the Pro Mode just swipe the pro mode and select or tap the circular icon.Once you tap on it you should see the aperture on the left hand side of the screen and the aperture is one of the Galaxy S9 camera feature that enable users to take a nice shot.You can use the aperture for low light shot and that's the best you can have with S9 and S9 +.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Super-Slow Mo and How to use It

But i already know that Samsung Galaxy S9 has that high experience in fact the time this device was announced for it arrival i never thought of seeing the same functions with the Galaxy S8.As the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ showed up,it has this tip or feature that's called Supper-Slow Mo.If you are new to this S9,you might wonder what that means but am going to tell you what this feature is us for may be how to use it as well.

AR EMOJI and this Slow Mo in Galaxy S9 can make you a trick of video.What do i mean by that,it is a feature that allows any user who choose Galaxy S9 to make a slow motion video and this is one of the best different between the Galaxy as S8 and the S9.Yeah,you can use this feature to record a slow motion video and this time no more doing it with Windows or any special app.Note that you can only record about 960 fps in 720p resolution.

How To Enable the Galaxy S9 Super Slow Mo 

To get the feature in your S9 device,Just follow the step am about to show you below.

Run the camera app as you normally do if you want take a shot and when it open....... the screen will take you to a new destination and there you will continue to swipe via the right side until you get to Super Slow-Mo.

Now,you have see or get to the Slow Mo feature,you can now choose if to set it manually or use the automatic method to make your Capture.That's it but also note that the S9 is allowed to record about 0.2-second bursts and after recording it will then play about 6.4 seconds of footage.

The final step is,you will access the video in the Gallery from your Galaxy S9.

Edit Super Slow-Mo and Also Create Gifs From New Galaxy S9 Camera 

Should i tell you the secret of a friend of yours Slow Mo or Gif,here is the secrete.With this Galaxy S9 camera feature you can do more and more.I have told you all how to make a Super Slow Mo with your S9 above and let me still show you how you can edit the Super Slow - Mo and also get gif from it.

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Now to edit the Super Slow - Mo,just navigate to the three linked circle which is at the center of the video thumbnail,note that you are doing this to open the video editor Now once it open,tap on the scissors icon and there you edit the starting point of the video and also the end point.Also Note again that after editing the video and try saving it,it will just take some time before it could save at least about 20 - 30 that's how most people edit the Slow-Mo

How To Create a  Gif from Super Slow-Mo

Creating a gif image worth something good.Sometime we do this to enhance our editing method and to make a create look of a photo or something else.However,with this Galaxy S9 you are sure to derive your own your gif format following the Super Slow-Mo.Without telling you this,you should understand that with Super Slow-Mo in Galaxy S9 you can also use it to make a gif just that you don't know how to do it but let me show you.

Just Highlight the clip, then tap on the Details icon in the upper right of the Gallery. That will show you how big the file is, its resolution and where it was shot, if you’ve turned on the camera’s location abilities. An the bottom of the screen, you can pick from three automatically-created GIFs (Loop, Reverse and Swing).

What About The Galaxy S9 and S9+ AR Emojis

This is where Samsung prove more impact about their product.Most of the buy phone buyers get this phone of the features and also the  Galaxy S9 and S9+ AR Emojis which will make different with some of the other device.S9 and S9+ AR Emojis is said to be where you can beautify yourself ?.for real you can use it to improve the skin look,hair and glass may be you should compare it with some of other Phone out there.

how to apply galaxy s9 AR Emojis
Tomsguide Photo
Samsung Galaxy S9 has come with some many features and blue light and more.A post was published last about this same topic with a different aspect that says Galaxy S9 features although it comes with video and you can watch it for more insight about Galaxy Note S9.

In some other feature in Galaxy S9 includes the Live Focus and the Selective Focus.It also come with User Selfie Focus,the optimal Zoom for Galaxy S9+ .So all this are the new features of this device and i hope you will definitely enjoy this with great respect to Samsung product.Share this with the share buttons below if only it helps

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