Facebook Messenger updated with New Features Admin Privileges and Joinable Links Enables

One of the most popular social Media Facebook has roll out a new feature that will improve user interface.What's New on Facebook social media app or we still think that there's nothing to think about with this app.As Technology continue to enhance it best,Facebook is also using the advantage of Tech to give a new surprising.

Today on Lingslogs,be the first to see the new features of Facebook Messenger that will enable do some extra function.Also you have to note that Messenger is now taking a new shape by getting admin privileges just for the first.

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It let you to approve new members of group chats before they can join, remove people from the conversation, and give/revoke these privileges to other people in the chat if you so choose.I think that's amazing and we all have to take a peek by downloading it on google play store.
Admin Privileges and Joinable Links facebook

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Facebook is also adding joinable links to Messenger. This allows you to create a custom link for your group chat, and anyone that clicks/taps on it will be able to automatically join the group. If you have a lot of people you need to invite to a group chat, this should be much easier compared to selecting every person individually.

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Be among those to see the new features of Facebook Messenger by downloading as we said.

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