How to Block Unknown Numbers on WhatsApp with Mobile Phone

One of the best security you can do for yourself is blocking someone who you don't even know about.This days now Technology is improving and that's how the bad aspect of Technology is also improving also specially when it comes to hacking or let me call it black hat.A Black can be an anonymous and when he/she gets to the victim you are going to fall in might get you in that havoc living either you personal data has been cleared.

Linkslogs is here today to share a new idea about how to block Unknown Numbers or users who is acting as anonymous person.Previously on Logs,we talked about how to create additional space in Xbox one with external drive.Now,having published that for some who called himself a gamer,let me still share more acknowledgment i have recently gotten about whatsapp.

how to block on whatsapp

We all do know that what has this feature of blocking someone and there's a lot more you have not seen in whatapp messenger.You ought to understand why you should block someone whom you don't know about after reading this post,although this post is just a guide line and also a simple tip.

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You want to block anonymous calls,text message our unknown Number on whatsapp,here on logs i will show you how to do that just follow up for your understanding. Spammers are even on whatsapp and you need to know how to handle unwanted activities on whatsapp.Privacy restrictions on whatsapp is another way of getting ride off those nasty whatsapp calls.Meanwhile we will start with some few step to enable Privacy restrictions or how you can block unknown numbers on whatsapp.

How To Black Block A Number from Whatsapp number.

Now in this simple step you are going to see how you can block a number from the whatsapp contact list.Is very easy and let me call it very simple.That number has been making some stressful to you and with this you can block it from the screen interface.You should note that this numbers can also affect your contact in the phone Phone Memory.The Phone below with red mark shows hows you can tack action you wish to.

Whatsapp blocking ways

Following the photo above,let me fully explain how to do this just for real.Run your whatsapp application either in iOS,Apk on any other OS.Once it opens,on top you will see contact Info just on the screen there.After it opens,now there is where you will see more information about the contact you which you want to fall a victim of blocking from you.Just roll down the screen or scroll down and you will see block contact and report spam as you can see in the photo above.

So that's our Number one step of blocking some one on whatsapp and if you still want to block more of those annoying contact you can the same follow the same method i shown above.

Using The Whatsapp Blacklist as Blocking Method

This is one the popular way of escaping from disturbance and of course you know what blacklist means and we are going to apply the black list on whatsapp because the new development n this app.Normally,some device like Android have some alternative of putting numbers on black list and the same thing you can also apply the same step on whatapp.As for me,my black list is meant for my haters so i normally use as an advantage but i don't hate......Lol

Blocking Unknown Cell Numbers On Whatsapp

Blocking! Blocking!! Blocking - we all do this for a reason and if the reason seem to be unknown Numbers or a number then follow this step below to get the action work for you and only on your phone.Is very simple because whatsapp keep improving their system or enhancement for their app what millions of people are using.The photo below which i browsed online shows how to block unknown Numbers on your whatsapp.

whatsapp blacklist

Whatsapp proving their advance security alert when it comes to Unknown number.Any time you get an chat message from unknown number probably you don't know the number and you might be wondering who might that be. Although whatsapp will tell you that the Number that sent you a message which you received is not in your contact list and there you will have option to block or report it the Unknown Number if it looks like a spam to you.To i do use the option block if i get any Unknown Number on my cell phone.

Private Contact

The another way you can save your whatsapp from getting hacked is by making a private status.Making a private start statues i mean keeping it save.Whatsapp this time has a lot of features that will enable you to do a lot.Whatsapp want only the contact you have can be able to see your statues,photo profile and they can also text you or make a video can at that rate.

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There's also many features of whatsapp which most of you don't know about may be in our next post we will talk about that.However,let me tell you to change the privacy of your whatsapp to only your contact in view.So for you to do this Just Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > My Contacts. Similarly, tap Profile Photo, About and Status to change the defaults to My Contacts.The Photo below can also show what i mean.

how to set up whatsapp

How to unblock on whatsapp

Like i said earlier,there's a reason why you block someone because you can't just block like that.Meanwhile if you are sure of whom you block is real but only that want him to face a bit Facebook Jail,you can still unblock the person in question.For you to unblock just follow this step,Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > there you will see block or unblock and make your choice.That's it all.Share this post with below share button if only it helps skip it if it doesn't.

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